Wednesday, February 10

Hosting my first shower in my new home!

I've hosted a few showers before at my Merrick Place apartment, but this past Saturday was my first shower to host in my new home. I was so nervous about having it there since Brian is the only one living there and we haven't exactly finished our decorating! I threw it for my friend, Amanda, whom I know from college. With that know how much you always want to impress your girlfriends - especially your college ones!!! Most of the girls already have beautiful homes that are decorated to a 'T', and I wanted to be up to par!
After lots of planning, and actually not a lot of stress (yea, for real, can you believe it?!) I pulled it off! Of course, Brian also realized from now on when I say I am 'hosting' something, that also includes him! He was such a good help to "get me this, lay this out, clean that, etc.". What a good man he is!

Some of my favorite things from the shower, that I would recommend others doing to really show the Bride how much you care are:
-Make it all about their bridal colors, for a bride-to-be, these are the only colors they see in!(gift bags, food, plates/napkins, punch, etc.)
-Think of small things that makes your shower stand out - like a Movie Maker DVD playing in the background with music for guests to see, or monogrammed items with the bride's new last name (who doesn't love the idea of the 'new name'!)
-Try doing something that shows the bride that all her friends are so excited for her - like having guests write short notes on a champagne bottle to open on their 1 Month Wedding Anniversary (this is the only time since high school relationships where you can celebrate each month of your love~of course ONLY for the 1st year or people will be grossed out, ha)
-Take good notes for bridal gifts - brides want to be able to personalize thank you notes so write down everything each person gets her

What ideas do you have that have worked well or you would like to have?

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  1. and it was a wonderful shower! thank you so much for all of your hard work and thoughtfulness you put into it. It was absolutely wonderful, and i DID feel so special, thanks to you :)


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