Friday, June 24

Randomness Friday

Well now that it's officially the 100th day in a row {ok, 5th maybe} that it's been raining or overcast here...I have a randomness + rant post. Sorry and forewarning. I need to get to a pool, stat. :)

1. Summer is for me to get tan so I will be the big, pregnant, tan girl. Everyone knows extra skin = better looking when it's tan.  It hasn't been a full day of sun since I got back from vacation. Ugh.

2. I love my new monogram I got in Charleston. LOVE. IT. Will be putting it on the car as soon as this rain stops and I can get a car wash!

3. I've been working on a couple of orders this week. I'm in love with these 2 things from the week.  The diaper cake needed to be very specific to a certain invitation and what the customer wanted. I'm pretty happy with it!

4-8. I'm completely overwhelmed in the baby department. First, I went to the doctor's office yesterday for a check-up, but learned I would be taking the glucose test.  Although the little bottle of orange crush-like drink wasn't as bad as I had heard, I wasn't prepared at all.  The day before the appt. I had my worst-eating-pregnant-day of this whole thing and ate 2 pieces of chocolate pie, somewhere around 6 brownies, and a few cookies. For lunch. whoops.  I'm nervous about the results now, like maybe I tripped the test. 
I sort of chugged this because she made me nervous saying I only had 10 minutes to get it down!
Second, I got all these papers and forms that need to be filled out before our next appt. in 4 weeks. I must be an idiot because I hadn't even started to think about pediatricians, insurance, hospital payments, labor classes, breast-feeding classes, etc. Whew. I get tired thinking about it.  Third, NO ONE wants to be my long-term sub. Can I blame them? No. But I need someone before EVERYONE and their MOTHER tells me how it is SO important to get a good sub or else. Or else what? I'm going to be the lone teacher suffering from angry parents, angry administrators, bad kids, horrible test scores, etc.  Fourth, NO ONE wants to watch my baby. :( I've been on about 3 waiting lists and no one is letting up.  Honestly, if I hear from one more person how their parent watches their child 5 days a week or they are going to be a SAHM, I might scream. From jealousy. I need to work on that.

9. I'm officially obsessed with Etsy. I know it took me a while, but I LOVE all the cute little girl clothes I see! I spend hours looking and searching...but have been very good at not buying anything...yet! Currently, I love this site. My baby girl won't be able to go barefoot like other newbies b/c it will be getting cold, so these are the cutest alternative!! I love the brown ones and the pink ones!

10. I would like to write to Genevieve. You know, Dear Genevieve from HGTV? I've decided I can't stand my icky looking living room anymore and pleaded with her to come give me a make-over and pay for it since baby is sucking us dry. Do I need to get out of the house? Yes. Do I watch too much HGTV? Double yes.

Anyways, that's my post for now. Sorry it's not more fun. :( I do have a super fun Gala to go to tonight with hubby!  I'll be missing out on the open bar part, but, hopefully they will have good food and fun entertainment!


  1. Those boots are adorable! :) I'm sure you did just fine on the glucose screening. You would have probably heard something by now, otherwise.

    I am sure everything will work itself out. You still have 99 days, according to your counter! :) That is plenty of time to get things worked out.

    Good Luck!

  2. I love the monogram sticker! So cute!

  3. 1. You still have time and even if everything is not perfectly ready when Harper comes, she's not going to know!
    2. I didn't take any birthing classes or breastfeeding classes and we have managed just fine. I don't know how a bf class would go anyways, for us it's just taken lots and lots of practice which I don't see how you can do without a baby! I know they are out there but I didn't do it, oops!
    2. I'm the same way with HGTV and home bloggers. Sitting staring at the same walls for the past 6 weeks has made me hate how it's decorated! lol, now I don't have time to make any major changes! :(

  4. cracking up.... only because i have so been there.... all of it and misery loves company! :) (well, except for your cute craftiness- i can't create like that!) way cute wreath- my house may need one of those!

  5. So when I saw you at Home Goods in passing as I was trying to wrangle Clark from touching everything on the shelves as I looked for things for the nursery I thought you looked wonderful. :) I understand the babysitter issue. I hear it all the time about the mom sitter or I get the HOW CAN YOU THINK ABOUT GOING BACK TO WORK?? You will find someone (if you already have not). LASTLY- If you don't have a ped yet I would reccommend ours. WE LOVE HIM. We go to Wilkes and Warner in Lexington on Tates Creek and we LOVE Dr. Warner. :)
    Hope all is well in baby planning, no school summerland for you.

  6. thanks for all the comments! :) you all are so sweet!


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