Saturday, June 25

26 Weeks :)

Ok, I am a believer now...this pregnancy is flying by! When I first got pregnant and weeks 4-18 were about to drive me nuts with all the sickness, I thought I would be pregnant forever! But it really is seemingly quickly going by! Brian says every day how he just can't wait for her to get here.  I feel like I can wait just a little longer! I need too many things done before that!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

early morning Saturday pic ~ no face! ha! On my way to the pool with the little ones :)
Size: basically a 2-pound chuck roast! ha! She could also measure 9+inches long! Although we went to the doctor last week, I didn't have an ultrasound, so I don't know her exact weight/length yet.  Dr. did measure my stomach and I'm measuring perfectly at 22 inches long! I could probably bet she really is the exact 2 pounds since all her other measurements have been exactly on.
Weight Gain: I'm up +18 lbs. WHOA WHOA WHOA  I'm still wearing anything and everything. ;) Regular dresses, maternity dresses, maternity pants/shorts, regular tops, maternity tops...

Gender: It's a GIRL! Harper Alan
What's Baby up to?: Baby girl's eyes are beginning to open!! Baby is able to really see, although it's dark in there.  I can also notice when it's super bright (like using a flashlight on my belly!) she will move a lot and move a lot when she hears loud, unexpected noises.  She can also blink!

Movement: She moves all the time! She moves any time I am sitting, always early in the morning and late at night.  She's also getting pretty predictable in moving when I sit or lay in certain positions.  I feel her rolling up and down my belly a lot now, and what seems like a little foot or hand jabbing up close to my ribs. Brian and I think she's finally moving up a little and not sitting so low just by the look of how I'm carrying her now.  I can feel her when she kicks my bladder - and basically - get out of my way! ha! Her kicks are kind of hard, but I don't mind!

Cravings: Just anything really. And yes, desserts.  I'm noticing I need to eat a lot more than normal - which I sort of never realized before since I've always liked to eat and ate a lot. 

Sleep: Same thing...Not really sleeping at all.  About an hour at a time with about 30 minutes of awake time in between.

Symptoms: Mild Mood Swings;) Does that count as one?! Leg Cramps & little bumps are forming all over my body?!

Nursery: Although I know a lot of people don't get their nursery done until right before the baby ~ that's just not me.  If I could have had it my way, I would have had the whole thing done a MONTH ago. :(  I'm still waiting on Brian to paint the nursery so we can finally pick up our furniture that's been ready for forever and I can start the actual decorating and crafting things in the room.  I have a pretty big project to work on once the paint and furniture is in the room, so I'm wanting to get started on it quickly! Believe me, if I could smell/be around the paint, I would be painting myself!

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