Wednesday, June 22

Nursery Art~Etsy Style

I totally feel like this blog has turned into a baby blog. I apologize for that! I am hoping to get back on track to cooking new recipes, sharing fun things I do with hubby, and hopefully attempting more home-improvement projects {although baby is kind of sucking us dry in the money area with her room, ha!}.

Anyways, I found some really fun and sweet art for the nursery...but I am not sure which one I want!  I'm not a big wall art person...I'd rather have pictures of actual people I know hung all over the place rather than a picture I didn't take or something.  But, I found these super cute prints from this Etsy shop and am thinking of purchasing one! The prices range from $20-$55 and can be custom made for you, too!

What do you think? Which one do you like best?

Most of these come as an 8x10 on paper or canvas.  She also has boy ones, too! I love this last one with the 10 commandments, but the line "do not murder" sort of freaks me out in my baby's room... ya know?!


  1. I like the "bless this little girl" one. =) But they are all cute.

  2. Ooooh these are adorable! I'm a sucker for all things birds/owls/elephants, so there are so many in here I LOOOOVE. The birds one looks like it goes with Pottery Barn's Hayley theme. Whatever you choose, something tells me it's gonna be GORGEOUS!!

  3. I LOVE the elephant one about finding comfort in the Lord! They are all adorable though!


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