Saturday, April 10

Our First Week Home~

As soon as we returned home (almost missing our flight and running all through ATL airport) we began a very busy first day of being home. We went to Easter service at Southland and then spent a little bit of time with my family. We watched Colby pick up easter eggs and ate lunch outside. It was so nice to come home to good weather! Then we rushed over to see one of our friends get baptized in the pond (YAY Philip!) and then off to Brian and I's house to open our wedding gifts with Mom, Dad, and Granddaddy.

Next, we ran over to Lowe's to get another fan/light for our bedroom...and it began! The saga of putting in a fan started all over! As a race against time, I soon found myself holding the flashlight for Brian once again to finish the light! But it's up and say the least! :)

Getting back to work this week has also been not so much fun. After enjoying a full week of just US, no phone, internet, etc., it was really hard to get back into the groove. The high points of the week were getting to come home and wait for Brian to get off work, and going to bed together.

So now we're at our first weekend, and it's the same old story - busy as can be! Althought this time we aren't doing it all together. But as Brian keeps reminding me...we've got the rest of our lives together!

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