Sunday, June 20

College Gals

Although I'm a little behind...Amanda {my friend from college} had her first baby shower with the college girls the weekend before last. Jen actually threw the baby shower for her, but since she lives in Charleston, SC {rough, huh?!} I offered to let her host it at our home so she wouldn't have to pay for a clubhouse.
Jen's job is to host and plan events, so I knew this baby shower was going to be great! Her and her Mom arrived early Saturday morning, and I'll let you see the pictures of how she made this shower for Amanda and Trenton awesome!

Amanda is painting a tree in baby Trenton's nursery, so Jen made a tree and had pre-cut paper of her colors {blue & orange} where she had us all write well wishes to Amanda, David, and Trenton. What a neat idea! She also had a parfait station which we all loved. I will totally be stealing that idea for my next shower! I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but she had pre-cut fruit, yogurt in cups, and granola ready to make your own. Yummy!!

The fun didn't stop there! Later that night was Grace's wedding {another friend from college}. We had the baby shower on the same day as the wedding so the girls from out of town {SC, NYC, etc.} could come in!
It's funny how our group has gone through weddings. It seems as though we all go through spurts. We had several the summer after we graduated college, then a few here and there, and then 4 this winter/spring season {including ours!}.
Grace's wedding was outside Keene Barn {please excuse my glowing face, haha} and the reception was inside Keene Barn. It was so fun!

{this picture is us doing our Sigma song and dance ~ we have a special ring we wear when we get married and a special song we sing}

It's almost amazing how much our group of girlfriends have stayed close. Yes, some of us are closer to one another than others, but I think it's great as busy as we all are, we make time for milestones in one another's lives.


  1. This is a very sweet post! It is pretty amazing how we all still support each other and love to be together. Some things will never change :) Love you honey!

  2. Awwww Megan! I just saw you had a blog through facebook stalking! hahaha =) I'm a blog addict so I'll have to add you to my reading list!

    I LOVE Grace's wedding dress - it's so her! She looks gorgeous! and how adorable is Amanda as a preggo?? I think your entire pledge class is about to make the jump from weddings to babies!! I'm still waiting on my class to get married! Good to "see" you on here! ha ;)

    Stop over and see us!


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