Wednesday, June 23

Wedding Wednesday ~ Dresses!

So today I am going to feature some of my recently married friends and their wedding dresses!
{Grace, Summer 2010}

{Amanda, Spring 2010}

{HAHA, just kidding! that was a Halloween party:)}
{Mandy, Winter 2009}

{Allyson, Spring 2009}

{Jamie, Fall 2009}

I LOVED picking out my dress. I found it fairly quickly, although not as quickly as my friends Jordan and Alison. They found theirs the first day of looking!
My wedding dress was one that I never would have thought up in my head. Some of the features were what I was wanting - not a lot of poof at the bottom, no princess ballgown, sweetheart neckline, etc. But what I was NOT expecting was to love a dress with full lace! I mean really? I am not a full lace kind-of-girl. But it seemed like that was the dress I kept going back to!

Some of the pictures above have me in them in a bridesmaid dress. Luckily I've never had any bad ones like in the movie 27 Dresses! But the one thing people always tell you is, "well, you can wear it again". You're thinking yea, right, huh? Well guess what?! One of my BM's DID wear her dress again!! Woo hoo! I was so pumped because honestly, I thought it was pretty stylish with a bubble skirt and wrap waist!
{Mandy at Derby 2010}

{Sorry if you read this and wanted to see yourself in your wedding dress! My computer died and I lost all my digital pics from 2002-2007}

What type of dress did you have? What about BM dresses?

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