Saturday, July 10

Cookout with a Golf Theme

We had a cookout on Friday and invited B's Friends over since most of them hadn't been to our house yet. I was excited to host a party, but had to watch my decorations since they were for a 29 year old. :)

I made these centerpieces out of deer moss, golf tees, and golf balls. The one below was on our breakfast bar {edible chocolate balls}, and the other on the kitchen table.

I also had a theme drink - Arnold Palmer's! {tea, lemonade, raspberry vodka}

And some of these...

And of course yummy food! The burgers and dogs didn't make the photo.

We also had the yummy golf cup cakes that I showed in THIS post.

Everyone seemed to have a great time!

******Recap on B's actual Birthday...
B started his birthday on Sunday with my family. We celebrated with brownies and presents!
Then he got on a roll and wanted to open a present-a-day until his actual birthday. I held him off for one day, but then he opened his gifts from his mom the day before his birthday.

On his actual birthday we went to P.F. Changs and he opened his presents from me!

And more brownies!

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