Monday, August 9

Where I'm At

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a lot going on last week. I'm very proud to say that my hubby and I made quite a big decision last week/weekend for our future. I feel really good about the discussions we had all week about the topic and what we chose. Although I'm not ready to share it with all of you; I feel so good that 1.) B recognized the fact that is was our decision, not just his or mine, 2.) we made it together without input/opinions of others, and 3.) we both weighed the pros and cons, listened to one another, and prayed together.

In other news, I've been here...

{photos really taken for my classroom blog}
and will be here until May!! My posts may get less and less, but keep checking back with us!

**Although this post says it's Monday, I didn't finish it until Tuesday.
We had our Open House last night. It brought with it the usual ~ timid kids and outrageous parents! {In a great way and uneasy way}
I just have one question for you...
Would you ever go up to someone and say "My how old, wrinkled, and weathered you look?"
Well I hope not.
And that's basically the opposite that always happens to me. Whenever there is a new student at my school {who doesn't know my name/reputation/abilities/etc}, I get this comment "How many years have you been teaching. How old are you?"
I MEAN REALLY? So rude. Older teachers say how I'll like it in a few years. Right now, I find it rude and appalling! SHEESH. Oh well. Hopefully that was a one-time-deal.{Too bad I got an email asking the same question AGAIN this morning from the same person.}

Well I start tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. Love your door and the neat, well organized classroom! Ready for a room full of students ready to learn! Have a wonderful year Megan!

  2. yaye! Your room looks fab!! Love the letters on your door too.

  3. I love the classroom! It looks great =)


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