Monday, September 27

Cocktails and Cupcakes

On Saturday night we had a shower for Nick and Jordan! Alison had the cute idea of making it a cocktails and cupcake theme at her house and asked me to help host. The night was fun and I think the couple had a good time and got lots of great stuff! I'll never understand how showers got started ~ but what a great idea!! :)

Here are a few favorite pics from the night:
{the cute bride and groom}
{the pretty bride and her hostesses}
{the couple got lots of good gifts!}
{Alison, Me, and Amanda}
{me and my cute hubby!}
{Nick, Groom-Nick, and Brian with Bourbon Slushies}
{lots of cupcakes!}
{fondue and bourbon slushies}
{beer buckets for the boys and raspberry beer margaritas for the girls (the UK tubs were gifts for N and J after the shower!)}
{a cricut can make anything cuter!}
{favor boxes~mini-cupcakes}
{just a few decorations}

{end of the night fun in the fondue! me, Jordan, Alison}

Going over to Nick and Alison's house is fun because we have extremely similar models of homes. So I like to look how they decorated and what they put where to give me an idea! I love visiting other friend's homes, but it always makes me want to come back to my house and change up something!!

Hope your Saturday was great!

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