Wednesday, September 15


We went to Smashburger tonight...and ate for FREE!!!
I LOVE Smashburger! It's a fairly new place that opened up this summer in Lexington. I guess they've done so well they opened a second location close to our house (the other one is downtown)! YUM! Dad got us allllll tickets to the VIP opening where the waiters practice on us! YUM YUM YUM!
My favorite burger is the Bluegrass Burger~
The inside looks pretty cool, too. The fries are served in these cone-like things so I feel like you get more than if they just put them on your plate.
I am a highly-skilled conisuierer of honey-mustard...and theirs is not the best, but everything else definitely makes up for it!

Hope you try it out soon!! We'll go with you!

PS-the diet is going ok. i had to break down and eat a peanut granola bar during my planning time because i was starving! not sure how much longer i can keep this up! total weight loss- 1lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haven't tried the khaki's yet...i'll let you know :)


  1. JEALOUSY!!!! Smashburger is my fav

  2. I know! I thought you'd appreciate the fried pickles in the picture :)


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