Tuesday, November 2

Book Club!

This month (Oct.) was my month to host Book Club! I was so excited because I've really enjoyed making it to all the other ones (despite not reading the books) expect one.

Because October is SUCH a busy month for me with work (parent-teacher conferences with every kid!) I decided to be realistic and say we would read a magazine. :) Some of the other members didn't like this too much, but hey, it's still reading!

So we read the October issue of Southern Living. Of course, I threw this dinner right in the middle of us getting our beadboard up so B was working very hard to finish it! I had about 12 people RSVP, but some last minute cancellations. Oh well, they got extra favors and Sarai and I got lunch for the next day! haha

I made a couple of new recipes, which I will share soon! I had the open-faced hot chicken sandwiches, twice-baked potato casserole, Caesar salad, fruit & honey, spinach dip, caramel apple dessert, and warm bourbon cider!

Here are a few pics from the night:

{Favors} {Pumpkin Bread and Peanut Hummus. The SL magazine featured peanut hummus, so I tried to make it as the favors. I thought it tasted nasty, but some of the girls did like it!}

{wrapped silverware napkins~I always do this when I host people, I think it adds a little something!}

{My little creation! French bread with the holes scooped out filled with Doritos chip chicken and hot sauce baked with cheese and lettuce with ranch drizzled over. They were SUPER yummy!}

{college friends!}


  1. first let me tell everyone how YUMMY every bite of this food was. Let me next say that I am not mentally challenged like I look like I am in that first picture.

  2. haha, you are silly!!!! :) Thanks again for coming and coming early!


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