Tuesday, November 9


There's not many chances Brian and I get to spend one-on-one time with either set of nephews. So we were excited to babysit Cooper and Hayden {SIL's kids}. B's sister and husband had to make a quick trip to KY for a funeral, so we were able to spend Friday and Saturday with them. On Saturday, we got to babysit both boys all on our own for about 4 1/2 hours. YES, we changed diapers and fed the baby, twice! :)

Hayden is 3 and he is a very active little boy. We were running from one activity to another! Cooper is 5 months old and is a very happy baby! He was just along for the ride; laughing and cooing! We played trucks, rolled a ball up and down the stairs, colored pictures, made a card for Mommy (it was her bday on Saturday), and I had made cookies for Hayden to decorate.


{B's turn with Cooper}
{Me and Hayden playing trucks}

{Yea, this is exactly what it looks like! ha! Holding onto Cooper so he could 'be apart' of decorating cookies for his Mommy; holding on to Hayden so he didn't fall off the stool and helping him squeeze out the icing after he picked out which colors to mix and make!}
{they turned out pretty cute...if you love globs of icing on your cookie! haha}
{Heather, my SIL, blowing out her birthday cookie candle!}

I also invited my sister and Colby over so Colby could play with Hayden. They came a little later in the day when everyone was back at our house. The boys had a fun time playing! All our nephews are going to be so close in age! Now, if we could only get Heather's family back up to KY we could all play all the time! :)
{Hayden & Colby playing trucks}

B and I had a great time, but we laughed a lot during and after wondering how parents do this on their own and especially how single parents do it! We were trading turns with Cooper and Hayden with definite team work ~ I can only imagine how hard it is to take care of both with only 1 adult!!

Kudos to you parents! We are excited to begin that journey...just not yet! ;)

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