Monday, December 6

The Rest...

*I linked up with Kelly's Korner for the Christmas Tour of Homes!

I was just reminded I hadn't finished showing the rest of my decorations! This Christmas we've been adding and adding...while the wallet is getting thinner and thinner. :) I think I realized it's been a bit out of control when the Hobby Lobby clerk asked me if I was decorating other people's homes or just mine... whoops! I guess I am in there a lot! ha! But I just can't stand to purchase anything at Hobby Lobby without it being 50% off or use a 40% off coupon {which they always have online!}. So, alas, I am there often.

Here's the rest of the photos {make sure to click this link for the rest of our Home Tour}of our home {so far}. I promised B that I wouldn't need to purchase as much as I have this year since we just started out. ;)
Stairwell with added red tulle

I'm proud of my bow! It was on the last set of photos but I wanted to show it up close. At Michael's a similar bow was $14.99. So I looked at it for a minute and then went home and made my own!

Presents! Brian is an AWESOME wrapper! So, he wraps the gifts and I tie the pretty bows. I opted for ribbon {shocker, I know:)} to give it the homey feel.

I forgot to post my bathroom! Nothing too much, but still festive!

Front of the house. I haven't talked B into stringing lights just yet... :)

My $12 wreath that I made. Yes, it's pre-lit! I got the wreath 50% off at HL, and used the red tulle left over from the stairwell and had the green tulle from a pink and green project I'm working I decided the tulle was about $1 each.

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