Saturday, February 26

I'm Just Sayin'...

OK, this HILARIOUS weekly post comes from Amber.  She just started this a bit ago and I just love it! Not that I think personal blogs are about complaining about things, but if you read it light-hearted, it can be really funny - and SO true! I think we have a lot in common!

I've been wanting to jump on the bandwagon for a little while so I'm thinking maybe next week I will make my link-up debut! haha!

Anyways, you should totally read her's here.  I completely agree with the facebook comment, the girl scout cookies, and the dog comments!  I've already been making my post for next Thursday! :)

I'm also going to steal her disclaimer, too! You never know!!!

Anyways, think about reading it or linking up...I'd love to read yours next week! haha

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