Monday, March 21

Myth is not a Myth: Naming the little bundle

I have been told by some wise souls several times before, "Don't say your names out loud. Someone will either take it, or it will become popular."  Well, I did it. I did it with hesitation, but I did it. I remember the conversation vividly.  A few of us book club members were all sitting around Mandy's dining room table discussing names. A few people were sharing, but I was trying my hardest not to.
And then I did.
And then it happened.
I heard my precious name about 2 weeks later.
And again a month later.
And again, 3 months later.
I will tell you that I did not cry, but that would be a lie.  All but the last time I wasn't even pregnant {or at least I didn't know I was!}. The time I found out my name was taken and I was pregnant...let's just say; thankful for having a sweet hubby who doesn't judge. :)

I also have been known to have a few major freak-outs in the past few weeks. Although I'm sure that is coupled with my crazy hormones {i mean, I've never been one for drama, right?!}, I know SO MANY PEOPLE who are pregnant!! I know a few friends, and more acquaintances that I'd never even know about unless it was for that darn Facebook. So I will tell you this...if my name is taken I will probably, I will cry. HA!

Now, will I still use my beloved name in-which-I've-loved-for-years? I am not sure... I guess we'll find out soon...
{original post date: 2/2/11}
3/21/11~ So, we have our boy name and girl name. And I love them.  Brian does too. I think he is in love with our girl name.  I can't wait to know which one we will be using!!!


  1. do not change your names! Seriously, your baby will have that name for the rest of his/her life! Those silly other people who you stay in touch with through facebook will probably only be in your life for....well, probably not very long- especially after you have a baby and a job keeping you busy! Unless its a name your sister used, don't change it!

  2. New follower here -

    I told everyone our girl name, as soon as I was pregnant. It was pretty rare though. On the other hand, though, the popularity is slowly growing. My little girl's name is Lucy, by the way...

    And, don't worry about getting upset. I got very upset one time when I heard a close friend of mine was thinking about using my #2 girl name. I feel like it is totally understandable and justified to feel sad.

    I wish you the best of luck on your name not being 'taken' and I'm sure it will be uniquely adorable! :)

    Cori @

  3. Katharine! So true!! :)

    Cori - thanks for reading! Also, thanks for your insight! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one crazy over names! haha! I debated over telling right out of the gate or not...only 6 more weeks until I get to tell!

  4. So glad you're telling before the baby gets here! I cannot WAIT to hear it! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading all about names and their meanings. I am even a member on as weird as that may sound, since I don't have any kids.

  5. Thanks Emily!! I'm getting nervous! I just heard the girl name again!

  6. I say keep your girl name no matter what!!....unless for some reason you stop liking it....or it is one of Allison's names b/c then she will probably hurt you :) But I know you would never steal your BFF's name! Unless it is a name that your sister or a serious BF planned to use I totally say use it!

    I am obsessed with It has a fun blog and message boards for people who are totally obsessed with names! I was on there all the time when we were trying to name Stafford! Can't wait to find out all about baby Burton!


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