Tuesday, March 22

Our First Year...

I have no idea where to begin.  This year has been ridiculously amazing.  I have more 'special moments' than I ever thought I would have.  It's also been one of the most relaxing years of my life.  Brian and I match so well.  We didn't really have any huge fights or disagreements, no burnt dinners, just a lot of laughing and hugging.  My face just can't stop smiling when I think about this past year.  Between trips, living together, and just being 'us', it's just been plain amazing.

I am fairly certain we all think we have the best husbands {or we wouldn't have married them!}, and I am certainly one of those people, too.  I was complete before Brian but Brian made me overflowing with extra joy.  He is such a good, honest, and caring man.  He is sensitive and puts forth more effort than I ever knew was possible.  I know he's worked at certain topics we had discussed during our pre-marriage classes, and I can tell - because we don't have a lot of issues because we both work hard on the things we already know could cause one.  And while I know that yes, this year was a blissful one and not all the years to come will be this 'easy', I know that with the strong love, bond, and Christ-centered marriage we have we can get through anything together. 

A few of my favorite simple moments from this year:
*the night we got re-baptised together (March 25th) to re-dedicate our marriage and future family to Christ
*the moment walking off the stage as a married couple
*the night we came home from our honeymoon and stayed in the same bed in our first home for the first time
*our monthly special things we did for one another to celebrate another wonderful month
*all the trips and weekend adventures we went on
*just going to bed with one another each night
*decorating our first Christmas tree
*finding out our little miracle
I'm getting too excited for this weekend! We have some fun things planned - hurry up work week!! :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You all are so cute!

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) XOXOXOXOXO

  3. I couldn't be happier for you two!!!


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