Monday, April 4

The Myth isn't a Myth: Pregnancy Brain

It's a for real, two-legit-to-quit, legal term, my friends. Do not roll your eyes. As I did before I was a preggo. Because, it comes, and not-so-sure, if it passes.  Pregnancy Brain.

I've lost my mind and that is not a quality to attain when you're in charge of 24 precious little things who rely on your every move to function.
Just. Not.

So, on Feb.1 {not sure when I'll be publishing this post?!} I looked up around 1:35 to a student who we will call Student A and asked ever so innocently, "Do you think I've lost my mind, or have you all have lost your minds, and I'm just trying to keep up?"
His response, "Mrs. Burton, you know I love you, but I have to be honest. I think you've lost your mind. But even if you have, I will still love you. So it's ok. I will just have to help you a little more."

So, today here's a list of items this usually OCD teacher lost and found after near panic modes:
pencil - it was behind my ear
award certificates - in the place I always put them
graded math tests - in the polka dot bin where they should be
water bottle - on the complex table
bathroom - I had to pee, majorly, but once I started walking towards the adult bathroom I forgot where I was going

Yea, that's right. That list up there all happened in one day. And the list is frequent to daily habits.  My kids think I'm going insane.  Hopefully once I tell them I'm having a baby they will tell their parents and their parents will beg them to forgive me.

If I can remember to tell them I'm preggo. :)
{original post date: 2/1/11}

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