Thursday, April 7

WHOA Baby!

So...did anyone else besides ME watch Pregnant in Heels on Bravo? Well, I watched it via DVR today and, um, ..... , it was HORRIBLE!  Man! I'm pretty sure Brian is happy about that, but I was so bummed! I was ready to laugh my butt off at these funny women.

1. They are NOT funny. They are just plain dumb. And rude.
2. The producers are dumb for putting the first couple on the show because they don't even WANT a baby. WOW, great call there. I seriously want to smack her she is so rude, gross, and MEAN! If she didn't want to have the baby she should have thought about that before doing the dirty. Just sayin'.
3. The women and men are having Focus Groups for baby names. Enough said. And the names they came up with are ALL names I've had in my class. :( 
And they are letting their friends tell them if they like the name or not. UH, WHAT? Nope, my friends better not tell me if they don't like baby H's name!!!

The only good thing about the show is the host - Rosie Pope who is the Baby Concierge.  She's funny and talks about ALL the women and how crazy they are. Of course, I'm guessing that now that the show is out none of those women will recommend her to their friends!

Looks like I will be cancelling that from the DVR list.

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  1. You're naming your baby something with an H? OMG. Please say it is Hadley or Harper. I love those names. :)

    I didn't get to watch Pregnant in Heels. When I first heard that Bravo was having a show called that I figured (hoped) it was Kim Zolciac from the Real Housewives of Atlanta coming out with her new reality show.

  2. I'm going to go ahead and tell you to be prepared for not everyone to love your baby name. People have no manners sometimes. (And it hasn't been any close friends) Anyways, no one has come right out and said they didn't like our name but there have been some rude comments about it. I always get mad but then I don't really care because 1. Blake and I love it and 2. It's not their child! Ha!

  3. Monica! I love your comment! I would have LOVED it if it was Kim's baby, too! hahaha

    Ashley~ I know! I've been told SEVERAL times I need to not care what others think! I will definitely have to get over it! It will be hard if someone is downright rude about it!! haha!

  4. I am watching the first episode via DRV now... Does Rosie Pope have a speech impediment? The way she speaks drives me crazy!

    Congratulations on your baby. I remember looking through baby name books when we were expecting our first son - I laughed my head off when I first read the name, Egbert!

  5. OMG to Monica's comment! I didn't want to say anything, but I HAVE to now! Those EXACT 2 names popped into my head when you said H :) And for some reason, no boy names entered... I love H names (and I promise it has nothing to do with how beautiful a curly, cursive H looks in a monogram... well maybe it does a little bit...)

  6. hehe, you girls will know in about 4 weeks {hopefully!}


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