Tuesday, April 5


I may or may not have gone on a slight shopping spree.  The hubby may or may not be too happy with me. I may or may not have bought beautiful things in 2 sizes larger than what I normally wear.  And, I may or may not have been at the store for over 2 hours going in and out of the dressing room because I just don't know what size to get anymore!!!!
I LOVE Marshall's.  TJ Maxx, too. But Marshall's is good to me.  Every beautiful shirt or dress I own; odds are I bought it there.  Every time I get a compliment on an outfit, it's usually from Marshall's.  I mean, who doesn't love getting name brand things for under half the price! Right?!  Well, I'd already sort-of come to terms that I wouldn't be able to buy much from there for my summer wardrobe this year since they don't carry maternity clothes.


I went in and there was just TOO cute of items to not get a few sizes larger and buy!  I was even so impressed with the new selection, I called my sister and told her I would watch both boys so she could get over there.  Those cute clothes deserve to be on a hot little body like hers!

So, if you've ever shopped at Marshall's, you know you'd better get there soon before your size runs out!

**PS--I'll be working on and posting a Give-Away tomorrow!! Yea!! Think...drinking water in style...


  1. can't wait to see the new clothes! once your not preggo anymore, maybe I can buy them off of you !:) :) :)

  2. Marshalls is seriously one of my favorite stores! :) Love it!


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