Sunday, May 8

19 Weeks Down!

Woo Hoo! Almost half-way to meeting little baby!
Pregnancy Highlights

Highlight of the Week: We went in for our 18 week check-up on Tuesday and found out the sex of the baby! We also got about 10 cute photos of baby!  We ordered our baby furniture on Sunday, too!
Size: Baby is the size of a large mango! Whoa!  She's also weighing in (approx.) a full half pound and about 6 inches long!!  Baby also has a new coating on to protect the skin from amniotic fluid.

Gender & Name: It's a GIRL!!! Harper Alan :)

Movement: I've been feeling her a few times throughout the day, but not a lot.  I feel her a lot at night and right before my alarm goes off.  I haven't been sleeping well, but I am not sure if it's because I feel her moving or just because my stomach is stretching.  Which, by the way, HURTS! :) I've had a lot of round ligament pain on my right side...but apparently that's normal! Sometimes I can't stand up straight because it hurts so badly. Luckily, it only last a few minutes at a time!

Energy:  I'm feeling really good! I'm close to my old self again! I can actually stay up past 7:30 and have a coherent conversation with Brian! ha! Oh, the little things! The end of the work day also isn't as hard as it used to be. :)

Sickness:  I only got sick once this past week!!! Otherwise, I've had a few gagging things with smells, but nothing really! YAY!

Cravings & Aversions:  I've had a craving for sweets which is totally not me!  I've been trying to be really good though, but I've had some sweets this weekend! :)  Luckily Orange Leaf frozen yogurt is healthy, sort of, so I like to try and act like that is ok!  I was able to cook chicken strips this week! First time preparing meat for about 16 weeks! I still can't go into a Mexican place {so sad for Cinco de Mayo}, but that's about all.

Weight & Maternity Clothes:  I'm up +5 lbs from start weight.  I think my belly is sticking out a lot right now...but everyone has their opinions! Some people think I still look small and some people tell me I look huge to not be due until Oct 1st! Who knows...I'm just glad my appetite is back!  I'm into maternity pants and regular/maternity tops.  Girls are still getting bigger {haha}, so shoving myself into some regular dresses over the weekend was quite a funny ordeal.


  1. I love your baby bump. and I am so excited to meet Harper and hold her and love on her:) I cant believe she is as big as a mango! but I am so glad you are feeling better finally:) :) :)

  2. Thank you Amanda! :) I'm loving it now!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling well! Don't listen to anybody about your size. You will hear it all throughout the whole pregnancy. Just eat healthy and don't worry about the size or weight. I was accused of being pregnant with twins and everyone thought I should be having Lucy when I was like 34 weeks. It's no big deal! :)

    You look adorable by the way. And, sorry if I missed it; but, how did you decide on Alan? I'm just curious if it is a family name. :)


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