Friday, May 6

*Gender Reveal Party!* Pt. 1

*Thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my blog, facebook, and in person about the news of a girl and her name! I really appreciate it! Also, thanks for reading and following! :)

Gender Reveal Party! Part 1

So, I wanted to do something fun to tell my family what we were having. I know I'm not the first girl to ever get pregnant...nor the last...but I do love hosting and creating a good party; and I just had the itch! :) So, we decided to have a somewhat small that became rather large  cookout on the day we were finding out the gender! This was a big toss-up because our doctor {whom I LOVE} was letting us get a sneak peek at 18 weeks with him doing the ultrasound.  I was so nervous that we were not going to get a good look...but boy was I wrong! She's a little vain already! haha! She was staring into the camera, opening her legs oh-so-good {ha!}, and even moving around so we could see all parts of her! {girl's already got a cute little booty}  To be in that room, holding on to Brian's hands, it was just so surreal.  It's like, "I finally see, more clearly than ever, that a baby girl is growing inside of us because of our love." WOW. Dr. printed us off 12 pictures and we get our video and *hopefully* 3D pics at our 20 weeks scan in a week and a half.

So...on to the party...  We invited some in-town family and in-town friends to come over.  I didn't want anyone to feel like they had to come since it was short notice and in the middle of the week, but to my surprise, everyone we invited came! Can you believe that? We were both so overwhelmed by our friends and family making the time to come celebrate with us.  I just still cannot believe it. So blessed.  My wonderful friend Mary even took pictures of the event for us so we wouldn't have to worry about being behind the camera the whole night!

*Ok, now on to what you really want ~ the pictures! I did not get a pic. of everyone who came {sorry!} but we had around 30 people in our home! :)
My sister got us this frame after we told her we were pregnant. We finally have a good clear picture of Harper's face and body to place in there!

I had bought a gender neutral golf set, and then painted Harper's name on it when we got home from Dr. He loved it.  I also gave him one of those sweet baby cards I've talked about where the baby is writing about the Dad. :)

Banner I made: Boy Or Girl?

another picture of the banner I made with scrapbook paper and my cricut

the voting station I made with cricut letters - guests took out pink or blue M&M's and put them in the jar they predicted. The boy one won!

Pink or blue wreath I made! The theme was pink and blue H's.  Hudson is our boy name.

Part 2 is coming soon with beautiful pictures Mary took for us! You'll see more of how we revealed the gender and name, and my decorations for the party. :)  Hopefully I will get those up on Monday!

Happy Derby weekend and Mother's Day weekend!


  1. Having the voting with blue and pink m&m's was an adorable idea! I will have to keep that in mind for our second one. :) Again, I'm so happy for you. Harper and Hudson are ADORABLE names!

  2. It all looks so beautiful. I can't wait to see how you decorate for Harper's first birthday. If you go all out like this for a gender party, her b-day will be awesome! It makes everything more special when you celebrate like this!

  3. I'm coming over from Kelly's Korner and how ironic that we have a 10 week old Harper...and Hudson was our boys name if she was a boy! I guess we have great taste in names!


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