Monday, June 20

25 Weeks & Counting

25 weeks (6th month) was spent a lot like 24 weeks...riding in the car! Only this time, we were coming home from vacation!  The ride back was much easier on my back than the ride there! No pain! Must be the seats in Brian's new-to-him car. :)

Pregnancy Highlights:

Size: We are the size of an eggplant this week! Weird!
When you look at the ticker on the top of the blog, it doesn't look like there's that much to go...which totally stresses me out! She's basically 2 juice boxes stacked tall!
What's Baby been up to?: Baby could weight up to 1 1/2 pounds and sized between 9-12 inches! Baby is learning right-side up now! Baby's vocal cords are functioning now and her lungs are taking practice breaths. Baby's nostrils are also starting to open this week.

Movement: She's moving, rolling, flipping, almost feels like running! ha! We can see her through my belly now and it's so amazing! I can feel her rolling up and down my right side mostly and then she give a little punch out when she's done! ha!

Aversions & Cravings: Well, on vacay, we had our fair share of Rolo McFlurry's!! :) I haven't really craved anything and haven't had any that's been great!

Weight & Clothes: Although I ate like a cow this week and didn't really watch my fruits and veggies too much...I actually didn't gain as much as I had thought! I only gained 2 lbs, so I'm up 17 lbs. Is that a lot or OK? I'm not sure... We go back to the doctor this coming week, so hopefully we will get to know how much little Harper weighs and see if I'm on the right track!  I also got my wedding rings sized up from 4 1/4 to a 5... :)  My back has been starting to ache more after walking around...but I think that is to be expected since she is sitting SO low!  As far as clothes, I definitely have a very big growing belly! You can't really see how much it sticks out with clothes on, but without clothes it is so amazing...and a little weird! I can wear some normal tops and dresses since flowy is kind of in, but I'm also wearing maternity a lot, too! I am thankful for flip-flops as well since, as Brian described, my feet are getting puffy! EWW!

Sleep: Same old thing :)

What I'm Starting to Miss: I'm really starting to miss a big fountain Coke from McDonald's!  I haven't had any type of carbonated drink (including coffee!) since I found out I was pregnant. I know, I know, I am allowed to have a certain small amount each day without it hurting, but I am just trying not to.  But it is getting hard on these hot summer days! ;)  I have cheated a few times and taken a 'shot' of my Dad's coke once and a 'shot' of my sister's Mt. Dew. shot=one swig

New Symptoms: This week I've experienced some new preggo things... bloody nose, my own personal summers, and...the dreaded...NOSE EXPLOSION. Ok, not really, but my nose is starting to get bigger and I just about want to cry about it. :(

What's on the To-Do List this week:
I'm hoping to find a nursery chair this week and FINALLY get the room painted since we've had the paint since May! :)

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  1. I had the bloody nose thing too, isn't that a weird preggo symptom? Also there is a lotion called Mama Bee leg and foot cream (its made by that Burt's stuff) well any way it always felt amazing on my swollen feet because it has a cooling extract in it! You should try it out!


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