Sunday, June 12

In with the New, Rearange with the Old

So the other weekend we decided to work on changing the Craft Room/Office and Guest Bedroom all into one room to make room for Harper! It was a little bit of a challenge, but we were actually able to make it work out better than expected!

Against our first thought, we decided to move the guest room into the smaller of the 2 bedrooms and try to keep some of my craft stuff in there as well.  Good thing since baby's need a lot of stuff!

So, here's the new look! I loved how each room looked on it's own and especially how the guest bedroom was always put together and clean {because there was hardly anyone in there}, but  I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and that we were able to keep the desk with my cricut and ribbons/etc. on it, the queen size bed, Brian's trophy case, and the bookshelf with our memory stuff on it!

{the pictures turned out fuzzy...not sure why!}

what you see when you walk into the room
nephews pictures & our undergraduate degrees on top of desk

bed on the opposite wall

still need to get that the TV was moved to this room to watch while I craft
do you spy the M&M's from telling our friends we were pregnant?! they are in the voting jar from the baby reveal party

another view of my desk area ~ I'm so happy with it!
underneath the desk is another basket with paper/vinyl and the trashcan that matches, tucking away the chords

wedding stuff, college stuff, and more craft supplies and notecards
do you spy the Coach Cal signed basketball I got Brian for his wedding gift?!
This was also a great time to go through tons of stuff and throw away! I pitched a lot of grad-school stuff I didn't need, old scrapbooking things I won't ever use, and just plain junk! It's pretty sad that closet got junked up in just a little over a year! Wow!

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  1. Good work! What a productive weekend! I can't wait to see what Harper's room looks like!


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