Thursday, July 21

30 Week Doctor Appt.

This morning we went in for our 30 week check-up and ultrasound.  We were both really excited because we hadn't had an u/s for a couple of weeks, and this one was supposed to be a great one because we were going to get lots of 3D pics! Well...Harper had other plans! :) She wasn't feeling up to getting her precious picture taken, so we only got one picture. But that's ok, because everything checked out great and we were able to watch her a little bit on the 4D screen.

Harper officially weighs 3.1 lbs!! She also already has lots of hair! Isn't that neat that you can tell that from an ultrasound? I guess the old wives' tale could be true?! I have had lots of heartburn lately!
She's also officially still showing that my correct due date is Oct. 1. So...looks like we have 10 or less weeks to go!

Here's the picture we had taken from my phone. It's not the best, but you can still see her chubby cheeks, cute little nose, and puffy lips! {the dark part on her face is the cord}


  1. So wonderful! I'm excited for you guys! :)

  2. how amazing!! She looks perfect.
    I am guessing we are going to have these babies about the same time. Are you going to deliver at CB?

  3. How sweet. For the record I had horrible, horrible heartburn with Walker so obviously I believe the old wives tale to be true!


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