Monday, August 29

Weekend Wrap-Up!

We had such a fun weekend!! We've been so overwhelmingly busy the past couple of Saturdays that we were excited about having a somewhat low-key weekend!

On Friday we went to an Engagement Party for our friend's Jen and Geoff! Jen is my friend from college, so it was SO MUCH FUN to get to be with all the girls and their guys again! It felt like forever since we all had gotten together! Jen lives in Charleston, SC now, so her wedding will be there in May. So excited for a road trip with all our friends!!  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures from the night! Can you believe that?! But here is one I stole from FB of the happy couple.
It was a blast to be with everyone! We had a great time!

Saturday was my day to really get some errands ran for the hospital bag!! I needed to get a few of those 'uncomfortable' purchases to bring along with me or have ready for when I return home.  It was a successful shopping trip! haha!  The hospital bag is now officially packed! I have a few things to wash for Harper, so her bad isn't finished just yet. :) I did a lot of researching for the bag, so I hope I don't forget any essentials!

I also went to a fairly new store called Baby Bundles.  They were having their 1 year anniversary sale so I stopped by to get some deals for baby H. Oh man did I get some deals! This store has some seriously adorable (but majorly pricey) outfits for boys and girls! They have Persnickety, Janie & Jack, Smocked Clothing, Bailey Boys, and much, much more.  I got little H some really cute large bows {!!!!}, a cute apple outfit for next year {apple orchard fun perhaps?!}, and an adorable UK smocked dress! I cannot wait to see her in it for football and basketball seasons this year! Mom got her a cute pink and green owl smocked dress for 12 months as well.  My favorite thing is seeing smocked clothing on little ones and thankfully my Mom thinks the same thing as she's gotten baby a lot of smocked outfits from Little English!!
how adorable are the little UK cheerleaders?!
Another very cool thing I purchased is this PadaLily car seat handle cover.  I think this looks like such a great idea! The handle is not very padded, so I bought this little thing to help from getting my arms bruised!! They had lots of colors ~ but I loved this pink and green paisley one!

Oh, and I WON a free photography session and one large hard photo from a very nice photography studio {Holifield's} for just putting my name in a jar!! I never win! I was so excited!! :)

Brian and I also hung a few things on the baby room and washed lots of clothes and swaddlers.  Then we went to the pool for a while and had a fun night in of pizza and renting a movie! 

Sunday after church we went to eat and then I spent some time with the nephews while Brian spruced up our front yard. :) AND, Sunday night we ate Mexican and I ate tacos for the FIRST TIME since I realized I was pregnant!! Probably 8 months! Man-oh-man did they taste delicious!!! It was awesome! haha!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well and have a wonderful work week ahead!


  1. Of course we will be coming to meet Harper in October!! I miss you so very much too!! I really miss being across the hall from you every day!! Hopefully I'll be seeing you within the next week!! I'm meeting with someone on Thursday about being a long term sub so hopefully that works out! XOXO

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I am loving the idea of the Padalily. Gosh I wish I would have had one...I bruise easily and that carseat handle did me in!


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