Sunday, September 25

39 weeks 1 Day :)

We're still hanging on!! :)

My hubby and brother-in-law are out of the D-Day guessing game! Only Mom, Dad, and Kelli left!

At my weekly appointment on Thursday everything checked out great...with no progression towards baby coming early! So we will see! We did set a day and time for a post-due date induction day, so there is an end in sight to meet our little one! I have to be honest though, my feelings on this were unclear.  It made me nervous to have this date in my mind to know I'll be going in to the hospital and starting the pitocin. I know billions of people are induced, but it just wasn't what I thought would happen.  Of course, we still have several days before maybe little one will surprise us! If she doesn't; however, that might mean she's a good listener!! I say that because...when we learned of our final due date {our first one was Sept. 27} than I could just see PUMPKIN birthday parties in her future and I got super excited! haha! I would tell her to wait until October so we could do that! We don't have any kid fall birthdays in my family so I have been dreaming of the fun that will be! I also thought Oct. sounded pretty good when thinking of taking time off from school and trying to determine if I could take off the rest of the semester!

Pregnancy Highlights:
{Due Date: Oct. 1}

Size: still a watermelon but could be between 7-9lbs! whoa! That makes me a bit scared!

Weight: +1 this week

Clothes: I now only have 2 pairs of pants that fit me without being too tight when I sit on my lower belly! haha

Cravings: Nothing really

Sleep: comes and goes...but getting much more worn down during the day than I had

Movements: Harper is still kicking good which is great since the books say she will start slowing down near the end. I haven't had too much trouble making sure she's getting in her 10 kicks a day or more.

Our Feelings: Brian is just over the moon anxious about it all. He's sooo ready for her to be here! I'm still good with a little bit longer on the waiting; but of course I'm ready to meet her! I'm just getting more anxious about the delivery part.

Can't wait to see if I'll be making one more Pregnancy Post or not!! :)

PS- If you haven't commented for the so! You can comment as many times as you want! It's the post below this one! :)


  1. Awh you look great! Here's to hoping she comes soon and the next post will be her introduction :)

  2. You look absolutely fabulous! I can only imagine how anxious you guys are with a for sure "end in sight" set!

  3. awww, you are so close! I can't wait to hear all about Harper! (btw, love the name...would have loved to have Olivia be a Harper but her daddy wasn't having it) :) Good luck with everything can't wait to read about her arrival

  4. you look great! a pumpkin birthday would be awesome! my brother was born on Halloween! cant wait to read about her arrival!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls


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