Wednesday, September 28

Crafting>Nesting {halloween and a tutorial}

So, if nesting is a pre-requisite for the baby to come...she may never come!! :) I'm sorry, but when I have a minute, I'd rather be sleeping or making something! Of course, I do love organizing her room and her baby items around the house. Does that count?

Here's a few things I got together today that I thought were so cute and easy!

Jack-O-Lantern Treats:
 How cute, right?! It took me 5 minutes to create - even better! My nephews in GA are coming in this weekend and I wanted to make sure to get their Halloween treat to them before they left! I also made one my Colby & Cameron, and Lana {my cousin-in-law}.

Here's how to make:
*pint size mason jars
*candy corn & pumpkin treats
*black vinyl
All I did was fill the jars with the candy, lay the black vinyl on the white side (back side) and drew out a mouth and 2 triangles for eyes.  Then I peeled it off and stuck it to the jar! Lastly, just add cute ribbon! Make sure the lid in on tight just in case the parents don't want their kid's fingers in the jars all the time! {although, candy corn is a fat free treat! ha!}

So easy, right?!

Next I made one for our house to keep on one of the end tables in the family room.  I took out the little topper insert to make it easier to grab a few candies at a time. :)  I just added ribbon with double-sided tape and then a ribbon bow around the lid.  I LOVE candy corn!!

Argyle Pumpkin:
Ok, so you all know I am Pinterest-illiterate! I found a cute photo of an argyle/polka dot/and striped pumpkin set floating around Pinterest.  I'm going to say probably all of you have too since it's been re-pinned so many times! WELL, the thing I dislike so much about Pinterest is that I never found where it truly came from and a tutorial for it.  So, I made up my own way of making one and I've got an easy tutorial for you!
I used teal, yellow, and brown instead of orange and black because I thought it matched better where I put it in my family room.
Here's what you need:
*ghost pumpkin (real or fake, mine is real)
*3 paints of your choice
*one sheet of paper
*paint brush
Here's the tutorial:
1. First, make sure your pumpkin is super clean!
2. Take a piece of paper or card stock and fold in half.  Then draw a triangle where the point is the opposite of your fold. (I traced my triangle I had cut out a while back from my Gender Reveal banner)
3. Next, cut it out and tape on the paper. Then start with one of your colors and paint.

 4. Remove and place next to the triangle and repeat. Do this around the entire pumpkin or just the part that will show. :)
5.  After you've painted your pumpkin, use a skinnier paint brush and start making quick, short, dotted lines through each triangle.
6. Viola! You are done with your super cute and preppy pumpkin! :)
Let me know if you try!!!

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  1. Very cute! I espically love the pumpkin, but the mason jars are more my speed =)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the jars and the pumpkin, so cute!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  3. Hi Megan :)

    I added your blog to my read list on my Macbook. Your blog is adorable and I love reading :) I saw that you were wondering how to find the original website for Pinterest. If you are searching something, say "pumpkins" and you see a picture you the small photo. Then you're taken to the page with just that photo, click it again. It should take you to the site it's from then. That's what I do to find yummy recipes : ) Good luck with your delivery! How exciting!!!

  4. Hi Megan. I just found your blog from Maegan Waltz's blog. Did you go to PLD with her? You look SOO familiar. I didn't go to Dunbar but had friends that did, Maegan (who I knew through dance) among others. I just spent like an hour reading around on your blog. It's adorable and you look adorable pregnant. Good luck with your little girl.

    My blog address is if you want to check it out. :)


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