Tuesday, September 20

I don't get it :(

Ok, let's just blame it on the pregnancy brain...but I don't get it!

What is all the fuss about Pinterest?!?! I know, my bloggy friends are going to disown me for saying that!

Against my will, I decided to join it all because of Katharine.  I had been holding off because I felt like it was a fad that everyone was doing {i realize you are saying to yourself, um, you blog, that's a fad...but i started before it got too cool i think!} but alas, I caved.

So, I'm on it, and I just save pictures of things I think are cute or I want to make? Maybe it stresses me out a bit because I haven't had much time to craft like I had been in the past or make up recipes for us to eat and post?? Who knows.

And what is with the following and repinning things? Ha, do I need to follow people?!??! So confused! And when I find something, I don't see where to buy it or the link to how to make it. Does this happen to you?

So, anyhow, here I am. On pinterest. As if I don't spend enough time on the computer, I have yet another thing to take up my time! Honestly, I've found a whole lot of cute clothes I cannot afford and awesome crafts I will not have time to make with a newborn! Yikes! Maybe one day??

But one more question - does anyone know how I can add and upload my own pictures? I thought it was as simple as uploading your picture but it didn't work. Tips will help!

Ok, tell me why you love Pinterest so much!!!


  1. I'm interested to read comments on this, since I feel much the same way as you.

  2. I'm not in Pinterest so I can't really help you but yeah I guess it's just kinda like collecting pictures that you like?

  3. I like it because I can save all of my ideas in one spot. Sometimes if I see something on a blog I don't have a way to "save" it to try it later. I don't want to print tons of stuff out either. I like how you can search by subject, something you can't exactly do with millions of blogs out there. To pin your own things I think you use the "pin" button...I use my iphone to do it and you can just take a picture with your app and then post it. Hopefully that makes sense. You'll actually have much more time than you think early on so take advantage. It's once they start crawling and walking that you have zero alone time!! :)

    You don't have to follow people but if you know someone crafty for example, you, then I might want to follow your pins because I might see an interesting craft idea. Most of my friends know I am a foodie so they might follow mine to get ideas for neat food recipes. People find neat things that you might not run across. It's also a fun way to show friends ideas of things you think they might like.

    I also like to get photography ideas. Search pregnancy announcement or new baby and all sorts of neat ideas come up.

    Click on the picture to find out where the picture originated. It will take you to the blog or site where the person got it...then you can find all the "how tos" or recipes.

    Hope this helps!

  4. I can't help you :) I went there only for one day, found bunch of cute things and then decided to stop looking for other stuff and delete it from my bookmarks :D

  5. i joined a while ago and have no idea what it is about either. don't feel bad. it's just one more thing to suck up our time!:) haha jk

  6. I refused to join for the past few months because I knew I'd get addicted... finally I caved, and have become pretty addicted. Laura has explained it pretty well. I like to find new cool recipes, or since I'm 20 weeks along in my pregnancy, I like to find cute baby stuff...nursery stuff.

    I have conntected with a few friends through FB. That allows me to follow whatever boards I want to of my friends. I then go through people they follow to see if there are any people that have similar interests.

    You can pin things on pinterest as you are searching around on the web. They have a "Pin It" link that when you sign up (I'd assume you can get it after too), you can just drag and drop onto your RSS task feed (usually below the File, Edit, View, etc. row). You click on "Pin It" and a screen will come up and allow you make sure you are selecting the picture you wanted, and then make a comment on it. It's very cool!

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  8. If you're anything like me, I have TONS of bookmarks for different website pages like recipes, crafts, kid stuff, and decor ideas. I discovered Pinterest is a much better way of organizing all these things. I have different "boards" titled with these categories and in each board I've "pinned" pictures from various links I come across. This way, I have a picture to remind me what this link is. And you should be able to then click on the picture to take you back to the original website.

    I also follow several friends (you can do a search for friends through the link on the upper right) with similar interests/decor tastes. Your home screen ("Pinboards you Follow") then shows your friends most recent pins (like Facebook's home page). You can then "re-pin" them onto one of your boards if you want to keep the idea for yourself.

    It is addicting.

  9. I agree with what many others have said about it. It's helpful to have all those "bookmarks" together grouped in different categories in Pinterest. I admit, when I first joined I didn't know what it was all about.

    Now I love it, because it allows me to get ideas and organize them in one location, rather than creating a binder or folder or having a thousand web pages bookmarked on my computer. Instead of clipping pictures from magazines, it's all there for you in one spot - a lot less time. If anything, it helps me find new and creative ideas for my house, the future and recipes (my favorite).


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