Tuesday, October 4

Our First Night & Justin Beiber

*Thank you so much for all the congrats!! We are truly blessed! :) 

Also, I have not had time to blog anything or read your blogs! So sorry! We've been a little overwhelmed (in a great way!) with visitors at the hospital and at home...and we don't sit down until we sleep! :) 

But I wanted to go ahead and document our first night home. :)

Saturday night (which was her due date!) was our first night in our home as a family of 3.  It felt so weird getting in to bed without being pregnant! It was also crazy getting in that bed after my contractions there (birth story coming soon).

Our first night was a pretty memorable one! I'm breastfeeding, so right now before we can start Baby Wise, I kind of feed on demand... But, at that time I didn't know that, so we were already trying to wake her up and get her on a 2 hour schedule! So, we went to bed around 10:30.  We swaddled her up like a burrito and put her in her bassinet.  Well... we just stared. And stared. And stared! Would she be ok? Would she roll over? And then it happened... she started her choking thing! {she'd done this several times in the hospital due to her meconium} and we FREAKED OUT. Brian quickly swooped her up and we got all her mucus out and decided, NOPE, we are so not laying her back in there! HAHA So, yes, you are thinking the right thing... WE HELD HER ALL NIGHT. Brian and I took turns for a couple of hour stints and each fell asleep with her in our arms for the night, waking her up to nurse.  Can you believe that? Yea, looking back we are so crazy! But, I mean, it's scary once you are home and not around the nurses 24/7! We had put her in the nursery at the hospital while there {would highly recommend that} because we were scared she would choke and we wouldn't hear it.  Well, anyways, the girl slept like a magical angel baby! haha She slept all night expect when she was feeding.  We totally thought we had it made...except for the whole holding thing!

The past 2 nights have been pretty good as well.  After we met with the pediatrician, he told us to not wake her up...so she's been sleeping between 3-4 hours between feedings so far.  We also have her in a different bassinet, one that our friends Kari & Rob bought for us. It is magical so far and if it continues to work, I will be buying one of these for all my friends in the future. *cross your fingers!  Of course, we are still awake for a lot of the night, but, I think all in all it could always be worse. Harper is just a sweet, sweet baby!

Justin Beiber-esq's saying...Never Say Never:

So, I'll go ahead and eat my words. I've only been a parent for a few days...but I've already gone back on things I have said! HAHA I will never judge again!

*We place our child in the straight-jacket thing! And she LOVES it. She sleeps better and nurses better. My Mom is on her way now to go purchase us a couple more velcro Swaddle Me's for night time so I don't have to wash one every day.

*I totally sat in the backseat with my girl on the ride home from the hospital and to the doctor's appointment. Was she crying? No, I just wanted to watch her.
on our way to our first Doctor visit!

She had SUCH a great appointment, so Mommy & Daddy celebrated by stopping to get doughnuts! {PS- she is not jaundice...that's just her pretty skin color! - just like Daddy}
*We cradled our child for an ENTIRE night and wouldn't put her down. Spoiled? Possibly. Staring at the cutest thing in the whole world = totally worth the no sleep for Mommy and Daddy.

*I stuck my finger in her diaper and poop came out. We just about died over this one! On Monday morning we couldn't tell if she had a poo diaper or not and didn't want to totally undo all her clothes and blanket. So, in a heat-of-the-moment situation, I just shoved my finger in her diaper and pulled it out with poo on it. Immediately I said, "What in the world did I just do?" Which led to us having a giggle fest for 5 minutes long. Hilarious! {and gross!}
Harper was very calm for her doctor!

Anyways, this post is probably so randomly long since it was started on Sunday! I hope to be posting more soon and posting lots of pictures! But for now, we are enjoying our time with Daddy off, friends and family visiting, and just staring into our blessing. {and doing tons of laundry and diaper duty! ha}


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to hear more about this miracle bassinet since we'll be needing our own in a few months.

  2. Congrats on your beautiful baby! I am due in a few weeks and seeing your sweet little one makes me so excited! :-)

  3. Megan CONGRATS!! She is beautiful!

  4. Congrats Megan! I love looking at Harper's pictures, she is just precious! Yes, never say never, sometimes that new momma brain (which is probably worse than preggo brain) will make you do things you never dreamed of! Enjoy your time off with that sweet girl! Can't wait to hear all the details of the delivery day!

  5. Congrats! She's precious. I remember the first few weeks....lots of trial and error, lots of questions, lots of cuddling, and lots of laughs. Soak it all in!

  6. She is just precious!! I have a feeling we will be doing the same thing when we are blessed with a baby..... staring all night!! I am so happy for you and Brian..... what a sweet baby Harper is!

  7. She is precious! Love the pics.

  8. HILARIOUS!!! I have eaten my words so many times as a parent :) It just happens and we don't know what we will do until we are there. Give yourself some time with Babywise.... don't stress about it. With Ivy I practically did bootcamp and with Tula I simply tried to do eat, wake, sleep and she did the rest naturally. Harper is so pretty!!! I am glad you and Brian are adjusting to a family of 3~

  9. She's adorable. Congratulations!

  10. Our girls are just 4 days apart!! :) Congrats! She is a doll!

  11. love this:) you two are great parents already :)


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