Friday, November 11

Harper's playDATE

Harper's had 2 playdates with one particularly cute little baby boy! Maegan's son, Collins!

On their first playdate, we kept them strapped in and in their own separate spaces...
But on their second playdate, they got a little more aquainted!  Here's how I think their conversation went down...
Harper: I'm a little bit nervous. Collins: Mom, is this the girl?

Collins: Hey girl, I like your soft hair. Harper: Thanks...I'm thinking you're cute.

Harper: I wish they'd stop taking our picture. Collins: Yea, so embarassing.

Both: Seriously, could ya'll leave us alone?

 Harper: Could we get a couple of bottles over here? Collins: Harper, that big bottle is for me!

Harper: Woo, Collins, you are so fun! Collins: Thanks Harper, you are pretty fun, too.

Collins: Mom, can we do this again? Harper: He He, I'd love to!
Thanks for having us over, Maegan!
My college girls' boys better watch out! HAHA

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