Wednesday, February 1

Shopping List

Ok Ladies, after several emails, I've decided to list some of my favorite sites/stores to purchase Harper's clothes from! I love buying her clothes. I honestly feel like I'm a little kid again dressing up my baby doll! Of course, I'm not rich, so I've got some steals and deals to help you dress your baby like you are rich {ha!} but just remember, I choose to spend money on her clothes and that is not important to no nasty emails please! :)

All Time Favorite Stores:
Little English &  Bella Bliss
Little English - provides clothes that are very southern and have a classic style to them. I love these clothes. But, they are SUPER expensive. So, here's how you can purchase all you want on a budget. 1) "like" them on Facebook. They post every few days about a warehouse sale as well as deals or sales going on at their website.  Currently, they have 50% off all Fall/Winter clothing. So, buy stuff for next season. It's kid clothes. Noone knows if your child is a 'season behind'. And if they do, you probably shouldn't be their friend. :) Also, I know if you live local to Lexington, they have a warehouse sale here twice a year that is AWESOME. But you must try and go the first day to snatch up everything! Luckily, this time I was on maternity leave, so I went as soon as it opened!!
Bella Bliss - this is a local store to Lexington. {sorry ladies} But it also has classicly made clothes and are high quality. They, too, have a warehouse sale twice a year.  This is the only time I can really afford these clothes.  Luckily, the last sale they had I knew what I was having so I was able to purchase lots for Harper! Same thing as above, "like" them on Facebook and join their mailing list to know about steals and deals and sales!
Both these places also have ADORABLE boy clothes.  I mainly know about these places from my Sis!

Smocked Clothing Auctions
Ok, I LOVED smocked clothing. It is just so sweet and classic. But not everyone does, and that's ok! But if you do, you need to check out these sites on Facebook and 'like' them. It's such a rush!! They post the most adorable smocked clothing and you 'bid' on the outfit amongst tons of other people! Then, you wait, and see if you won!! It's so fun but addictive!! My sis and I have won lots and we've even been able to get the kids matching outfits!
Smocked Auctions
My Bella Bums
Shrimp and Grits Kids (this isn't an auction, but it's cute smocked clothing)

Smockadot Kids {I loved this site b/c the prices are cheaper, but they did me wrong on an outfit - giving me the wrong size than I ordered and I wasn't able to have Harper wear it - so I can no longer bid on here just out of principal! But, it is a good site!!}
There are several sites like this on FB, but these are my all-time favs and the ones that I think have the best selection with the best prices.

Some of my favorite brands of girl {and boy} clothing are:
Petit Ami
Vive la Fete
Peaches N Cream
Bailey Boys
Claire & Charley

Best Deal Site
Ok, if you don't Zulily, you are really missing out! It's free to join and they send you an email daily about new deals on classic clothing! They also have awesome toys and things for Mom's {clothing, purses, accesories, etc.}, but I like the clothing and toys the best.  They are mostly always at least 50% off on this site. They use brands like the smocked ones above, Ragsland, etc. It's awesome. Plus, I see really cute clothing all the time that I had no idea about!  They are awesome. Beautiful petti skirts and pretty hairbows for hardly anything! "Like" them on FB to see their daily deals.
The Monogrammed MOB on FB. You buy/sell clothes that have been monogrammed for whatever price you want. I've bought and sold and it works great!

Favorite Local Stores
Besides Bella Bliss, I LOVE Baby Bundles. They are the most adorable clothes ever. Again, if you 'like' them on FB you can find out all kinds of secret sales and new items. 
Ladybug Landing is an upscale consignment store that only takes pricey brands. After you have a kid, you realize those super nice clothes only get worn once or twice, so it's nice to buy and sell clothes there!
The Front Porch carries Mudpie brand. You can always get 10% off when you pay with cash, and if you sign up for emails they send lots of 20% off coupons! I also like to purchase Mudpie at My Baby Pie.

Favorite Catalog Collections
I love Kelly's Kids clothing with the classical mix & match quality. So, join their mailing list and buy things when it's at the end of the season for 50% off. Or, host a party and get free earnings! PS- I'm hosting a party for Kelly's Kids in March that I'll be posting on my blog! :)
Matilda Jane - same thing. The clothes are just so adorable with the ruffles and mix/match, but you've got to buy smart to afford it all!
RagsLand - great store with clothes similarly looking like Kelly's Kids. They are on Zulily a lot, too!
Persnickety - WAY expensive, so you've gotta find it in a store and then on sale!

Don't Overlook...
Target! They have super adorable girl clothes and they are getting better with boy clothes all the time! Also, online they have a Target Boutique that has even cuter clothes for boys and girls! Plus, everything is very affordable!
Baby Gap also has some of the cutest clothes EVER! If you have a card, you can purchase clothes on Tuesday's for 10% off! Every Tuesday! Even off sale items!
Gymboree gives lots of coupons in the mail and they usually have cute clothes for daily wear!

Of course there are way more places that I shop, but these are just my top favs! :) I know this post is a bit boring without showing you all the sweet clothes, but it was taking forever to paste in pics!!!
So, you all know my love/hate relationship with Facebook. But, I'd stay on FB just to get all these inside deals on baby clothing!
I'd love to hear some of your favorite places, too!!


  1. Ugh I'm a sucker for hats! B has got a whole bin full of them. I can't resist a cute fedora or a cabbbie cap. I'm so weak lol.

  2. Those are great recommendations - thanks for sharing! :) I love, love, love the Rhea Lana consignment sale that our area has twice each year. I've found some really great items for discounted prices there. I know not every state has them, but if yours does, I highly recommend it!

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