Saturday, February 18

This Week!

Oh friends! This week has been a doozy for us! I'm SO glad I have 3 days off this weekend!

Monday night we took H to the doctor. She's had an on-off fever and a horrible cough. I was convinced she either had croup or RSV. Well, luckily she tested negative for RSV. But, that meant she just STILL has her cold she's had for about 4 weeks {yup, the exact amount of time I've sent her to the sitter} and there's nothing we can do new for her. So, we've continued to put BabyRub on her feet, use Saline drops, and her humidifier.  Luckily, by Friday she seemed to be getting better.

Tuesday was V-day. We decided to make a big dinner and stay in. However, H felt so badly she just wanted to be held. So we were trading off eating parents came to the rescue! They showed up after their dinner and offered to hold H so we could eat and talk. It was SO nice and we were so surprised!! :)  We gave H her Sophie and she loves it! She's also sitting in her highchair ~ pics to come!

For the work week, I decided that to get through this weird year, I need to shut my door and focus on only the things inside my room...if you can guess what I mean. ;) There's something to be said for working in a prominently all-woman job, and sometimes, you just need a little breathing room.  Between chairs being thrown, some ugly comments, etc., let's just say, I'm so thankful for Monday off!

So, because it was such a crazy work week and H felt horrible all week, I had a few meltdowns followed by major Mommy Guilt. Working Outside the Home Moms: how in the world do you keep it together? How do you come home, fix dinner, play with your baby, show your Hubs enough love, get laundry done, and keep the house picked up?? Honestly?!?! I need some help with this! I've learned to live in a bit more chaos than I have, but I mean, I'm drowning here!!! Help! :)

{and yes, I'm still trying to figure out my pics! thanks for all the helpful comments!}


  1. oh girl, well you know I can relate. Unfortunately I don't have any advice because it IS hard! For me, it did get easier. I have been back at work for 10 months and I still have my good and bad days. I still have days where I just want to cry and quit, but they're not as often as they used to be. As far as getting everything done, it just doesn't sometimes. Something always has to give and for me that's usually sleep =) I try not to let it be family time. Most of my laundry is done on the weekends. Either Eric will cook dinner while I play with Gracie, or I'll make a few casseroles on the weekend to freeze and just pop them in the oven during the week. Also, I'm thinking of having someone come clean the house every other week. I mean, like mopping, dusting, etc. I'm not sure if that's something you have thought about. Hope pretty miss Harper feels better soon!

  2. I had a bad cold for about a month and it's finally gone away! I really hope she gets better soon. As for working outside the home? I don't do everything! My hubby really helps me out. We take turns doing things or we just help each other to get things done faster. We also clean once the little tike has gone to bed. We've just gotten ourselves into a daily ruitine and it works for us. Good luck :)

  3. What an adorable little girl you have. I don't actually work out of the house right now, so I don't have too many tips for you there, but I totally feel your pain as far as keeping the door shut to your room and focusing on what's important. That kind of stuff is why I no longer teach. It definitely got the best of me at the time. But I think now that I'm a mom, if I did go back to teaching (or any job really) it would be different, knowing what is REALLY important in babies!


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