Monday, April 9

Keeneland Season!

My favorite time of the year is here! And I get to enjoy it!  Keeneland Spring Meet opened up this past weekend. It was absolutely the nicest weather weekend for Keeneland we can remember!

To me, Keeneland is so much fun! My hubby and I met there...but that's not the only reason! It's a fun place to get dressed up (or not!) and people watch! Oh, and of course watch some ponies race.  There's several different areas to hang out in and as I've gotten older, my preferences have changed. Of course, I never would have thought I'd be taking our DAUGHTER there when we met 4 years ago! On College Day, in fact! Ayi yi yi!

Since Brian took off Friday, we decided to head to Opening Day on Friday afternoon to see what Harper thought of it all. Well, she LOVED it, as we expected her to. She enjoyed seeing horses for the first time and looking around at all the new things! I enjoyed looking at all the silly college kids but kept wondering if I ever wore those short skirts that showed all my cookies?!?! I sure hope not! HAHA Who knows, maybe I did. But let's not remember that.

"uncle" Adam and Harper - he sent out the sweetest tweet about picking up the cutest girl at Keeneland :)
Harper {and us} loved it so much, we decided to go ahead and go back on Saturday since the weather was going to be even better! We came a little more prepared with lots of toys, blankets, and Harper's big hat to shade her a little better.  We stayed on the back paddock area where there was lots of green space, it wasn't too crowded, and we could see the races through a huge jumbo-tron. It was wonderful! There were actually lots of families with little ones there; we had never noticed before! ha!

seeing horsies for the first time

such a sweet and easy-going baby

We saw our friend Alison and her Mom was so sweet to Harper! Thank you Mrs. Patrice!
We finished the oh-so-fun day off with dinner at Merrick Inn patio. Yum! Harper is just loving sitting in the highchair, and we are too!
Can every weekend become a 3 day weekend with my family AND include this wonderful weather?!?


  1. We live in Indiana but always come to the races we love it in Lexington. We were actually there Friday also and had a great time. I'm glad Harper enjoyed the horses she is a doll.

  2. Megan, that hat is TOO CUTE on Harper! Love it! I miss Keeneland... I would love to make it back there sometime!

  3. we thought about going but I was worried it would be too crowded to take the stroller. How fun! I LOVE LOVE that top you wore on Friday (where from??). Of course H looks adorable and how sweet of "uncle Adam"! I will be checking out the hidden children area in Paddock. Never noticed that spot either!! :)
    Sounds like a perfect weekend!!

  4. We were there too on Friday! I am surprised we didn't see you, what with the 20,000 other people there? Matt had the day off and we took Abbott. Harper looks like she enjoyed it, and is way too cute in both outfits! And I love what you said about the short skirts. Matt and I could not get over how short they are this year! I am hoping this weekend is just as nice so we can go again too!


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