Tuesday, May 22

my little monkey!

Harper is loving her newfound mobility! She loves to crawl...but more than that, she loves to CLIMB! She climbs anything and everything!  We've also been letting her drink out of our water glasses and eat puffs. She loves it!

she gets so proud of herself!

best teething ring ever! it massages her gums!

oh dear!


  1. She is too cute! So glad I was able to come by and visit her last nite. She is really moving:)

  2. She does look so proud! Once Chloe stands herself up, she'll start bouncing and laughing like she's proud of her accomplishment too. :)

  3. Wait...she is standing on her own?! Wow!

  4. You are going to be one busy Mama this summer chasing her all over the place! She is too sweet.

    My little guy isn't crawling yet, but is also so proud of himself when he pulls up to standing, it is so cute to see.

  5. Stinking cute! I remember this stage all too well:) Little girl is getting so BIG!

  6. Little Harper might be walking before you know it! They are growing up too fast!

  7. Precious-ness!!!!! ;) they grow too fast!

  8. Cutest baby ever! Made me just smile, such a happy baby!!!!


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