Friday, August 3

A few favorites...

I feel really bogged down lately.  There's just so much hate and negativity going on right now.  So much judging, so much intolerance.  It's got me going into a little hole.  A hole where I will pray that Harper never has to feel.  But, unless the second coming comes soon, she's going to have to know about it all or be exposed to some types of this.  So Brian and I made a pact.  We decided that we will not let anything or anyone force negativity and hate while we are around her.  I'm taking a break from FB for a while to just get away from the petty-ness that has come.  I want to show Harper love and joy and thankfulness.  I'm far from perfect, but she's still so innocent.  I have lots of 'wars' going on in my head right now, but instead of writing or talking them all out, I'm going to focus on what I can do.  I'm going to pray for me to show grace, for me to be positive, and for me to continue doing what I need to to keep my daughter safe from this ridiculous hate.

Here's a few pics from the last 2 weeks that make my heart happy...

I'm sure gonna miss all this extra time I've gotten with Harper this summer!

i love him and i love her.

my hair is coming back in ... but BLONDE!


sparkle shoes :)

baby Walker - Nola's brother

loves her baby

loves pulling out all the diapers

sweet little legs


  1. Sweet sweet pics! I love a little girl with her baby and shopping cart, it's hard to top cuteness on that =). I agree about the hate in this world and on the facebook. I know your broken up with FB right now, but I did post Harper's pics of her outfits last night =)

  2. What a beauty! It's going to be hard to give up these summer days. I hope you have a perfect transition back into school, and Harper does too!

  3. Negativity and drama are such a waste of your time. Keep doing what you do and loving that sweet baby girl! Praying for a smooth school year for you :)

  4. Harper is such a cutie pie! And I love the pic with her little legs. I hope ya'll have a great weekend! :)

  5. she looks so big!!! I cannot get over it.
    Happy Back to School for you both.


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