Wednesday, August 1

hello. my daughter is crazy.

No, totally kidding.

But this walking thing? IT'S totally crazy!

Let me tell you how it has changed our lives...

*we no longer are able to go to the Farmer's Market and have Harper sit nicely in the stroller...she wants to walk and walk up to people and chase dogs...

*no where and nothing is safe in our home anymore...the whole 'not for Harper' thing isn't working as well as it did now that she is eye level to some new and interesting things...

*eating out takes a lot of patience and quick hand motions with the fork-in-mouth...we can last but not for as long as before because the girl knows she can MOVE

Daughter is a very petite girly we have found out. And she seems to be walking 'early' to some.  Therefore... daughter is now a crazy bully it seems as she runs over the little and bigger kids!

Let's use Dottie as an example:
{showing 3 different month pics!}

See these moves here? Well she also does this on OTHER children.  Ones who are older or younger.

At our weekly gymnastics class, Harper is currently the only one who is walking {and the first to crawl...but who's counting?! ;)} so I think she now sees herself as the one who can grab what she wants.

Other kids have balls? Welp, she just walks on over and takes them. TAKES IT. MY DAUGHTER. Are you kidding me? I cannot be raising a bully!!!!

The gymnastics leader doesn't love my baby girl anyways {yea, another story on that one} so she tells me ALL kinds of things to constantly be saying to Harper.  She also tells us to role play at home.

1.  Harper is 10 months old. Not sure if role play will be understood?
2.  Please refer to Dottie pictures above.  Role.Play.Failed.
3.  She gets mad at my daughter because she won't stay in the dang circle during the circle time songs.
{okay, #3 has nothing to do with it, I just wanted to add that in girl likes to be free and I think it's hilarious}

So, we are currently working with these words: Gentle, Not for Harper, Be Nice.  Also, I'm just picking her up and removing her from being on top of the other kid the situation, or letting her watch me as I give back whatever toy she stole and tell her to share.

TELL ME ~ what am I to do?!?! Any suggestions!??!?!

I mean, this sweet face?! She loves being around other kids so much, but I don't want her basically attacking the other kids!

Although, how can I not love this side of her?? It's so nice to see her be so inquisitive and comfortable around other kids! This shy Momma loves it!!

*note: duh, i know my daughter is not a real bully, all in fun, but please, i need suggestions!  


  1. I'm sure this is something that every kid goes through at some point; she's found her independence and just wants to go go go all the time. It's new to her so will take some adjusting, but I think you are doing what you can for now. She is too young (in my opinion) to be disciplining, so being consistent is the right thing to do (stroke her hand on your face instead of grab or pinch, saying please and thank you so she gets used to hearing it) those sorts of things are steps in the right direction. Sorry you are dealing with this right now, but I would in no way consider your daughter a bully. :)

  2. As the mom of an almost 10 month old, who isn't walking yet but is still into everything...there just isn't much else you can do other than say "no, not for you" and remove them and demonstrate proper behaviors in my opinion. They are too young to discipline, they don't get the concept of "time out". I agree with Stephanie, kids just go through this and just keep doing what you're doing. It will get better!

  3. Once they get mobile they seem to get this sense of independence and want dont want to be held or strapped down. I remember both my girls were the same way. I think every child goes through this. She is adorable though!

  4. My MIL said they don't learn to "share" until they are like 2! So don't feel bad! She is just exploring a new world and nothing (including other kids) is going to stop her! :). I think it's weird the teacher expects her to stay within certain boundaries. She is a BABY!

  5. Not sweet Harper!!! HAHA! I love it...she knows what she wants and is just trying to get those other kids motivated. A motivator...not bully:) Walking definitely changes things, but it only gets better and better with each milestone! Hang in there momma!

  6. I agree that the teacher is crazy for thinking she's going to sit! I mean...she's not even one! I feel for you, once they start moving, but don't quite know the rules yet, it's REALLY hard. That's the hardest part for me so far. But just being consistent, she'll learn what's right and what's wrong. As far as taking the toys from other kids and being a bully, don't shy away from getting her around other kids...that's what will help. Callaway isn't around a whole lot of kids her age (a downfall of being a stay at home mom, she's around brother all the time but not a lot her age) so she doesn't play well with others her age. We are working on it but it just takes time...and sharing is SOO not in their vocabulary! Lol! "Mine" definitely is. It just goes back to the original sin...we are born this way and must learn to be tender-hearted and kind. But rest assured, we all learned the same lesson that she's learning and we are all nice around here. Well...most of us at least! :) Hang in there!!

  7. those pics with dottie are hilarious! harpy could never be a bully she is tooo sweet!!:)

  8. Hilarious!!!!! She sounds like Tula.... And as far as what to do..... I'll be reading te advice of others!!!! I am doing exactly what you are and Tula is a year older. Who knows what we are getting into with these wild little ladies!!!

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  10. Oops! Found a typo! Any who, meant to say...

    Hahaha! Harper is so funny! Maybe not to you at the moment, but she really is funny!

    Our girls' friends have always been bigger, faster, and/or a few months older. My girls are often crawled on, tackled, pushed over, and have things taken from them. As their mom, it's never bothered me. It toughened the girls up and if they want any social interaction with other kids, then that's just part of the deal!

    Harper will eventually work it out (with your help) and everyone will survive!
    (And that teacher is CRAZY. For real. Our Kindermusik teacher always tells us to let the kids explore if they won't sit during class.)

  11. You guys are awesome! Thanks Sooo much!! Seriously!!

  12. We taught our kids to use " one finger" to explore breakable things early. This is especially good with Christmas approaching. My girls understood this before a year.

    As for playing with other kids, I have found this gentle song, sung to the tune of "Row, row, row your boat" to work wonders, even strong willed kids who were adamant they weren't changing. I think the idea of being "big enough"really gets them!

    I can share my toys
    I can share my toys
    I am big enough to share
    Yes, I can share my toys.

    Feel free to substitute words for other desired behaviors:)

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  14. I also do a finger play...
    This little girl has 2 toys
    This little girl has one
    If this little girl shares one of her toys,
    Then both little girls can have one (or fun...might remember wrong)

    I use my fingers or toys to do it with them

    Both of these came from the book Playtime Devotions: Sharing Bible Moments with Your Baby or Toddler (heritage Builders)


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