Saturday, October 20

The 1st {Birthday} Post!!! The 1 Year Shoot - Part 3

As a part of our party package with Mary Maldonado Photography, we also had a separate photo session!

1 - Harper had a really bad cold on her birthday (of course, right?!) so we didn't get the best smiles...
2 - Harper decided to be a very strong-willed little girly during her photo shoot! Although, it was pretty cold outside! But c'mon!!! 

So, we got a LOT more pictures than I was anticipating!!! :)

How in the world did this girl get so big?!!? What an amazing year it has been!


  1. Love them. She is such a doll. I love that very last picture

  2. Sweet pictures, Megan! Mary just did our family pictures too! We just love her!!! I especially love the family picture of you all looking up at the camera. :)

  3. so sweet! I love the 1 made with leaves, how creative!


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