Sunday, January 3

Can I teach a 28 year old to cook?

I love all the things Brian can do. I'm even learning things (as I think he is too) about him becoming a handyman around the house. But one thing Brian has never learned to do is cook. Oh he can grill, and I appreciate that very much...but when it comes to cooking, he can't.
Really, I am just starting to learn, too. Our first summer together my mom bought me a cookbook and I started to learn how to read directions and follow simple steps. I know, right? Those of you who remember me from those early post-college days would laugh. I remember sitting in Bridal Creek apts wondering why my tacos were so oily... I had forgotten to empty out the hamburger grease. Gross, I know. But, after much practice, I've come to enjoy it and almost need that sense of calmness after a long day at work. So, therefore, I usually cook around 3-4 times a week for us.

Well today I had the Sunday night blues. I didn't feel like getting off the couch but I was hungry. After much pleading, Brian said he'd try to make us something. He found Velvetta Shells and Cheese in the pantry (thanks Allison and Yancey!). Below is the conversation that happened next:
Brian: So...what kind of pan do I use?
Brian: When it says 6 cups of water, how am I supposed to know how much that is?
(yes, I showed him what measuring cups were and where we keep them...)
Brian: There is no boiling knob, how do I know what that is?
Meanwhile, in between answering the questions I ran upstairs to pack up for the week to stay at Mom and Dad's when I heard... "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!" I ran down the stairs-
Brian: I mean, it just spilled. The water kept getting higher and it just bubbled over! Is it going to stain the stove?
As you can imagine, he was so upset by this. Does he really think I don't let that happen at least once a week! Ha! Poor thing. But it doesn't stop there...questions of how to get the water out from the noodles followed, but I have to tell you all--the mac and cheese was delicious! AND the best part about it is...Brian is even more appreciative of my cooking than before.

2 Things I Learned:
1. I'd rather cook any day and have him clean up the kitchen (I hate it, and only do clean up at other people's houses, when feeling pressured, or needing to feel nice!)
2. Brian can make a mean mac and cheese in case I'm not around :)

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