Saturday, January 2

New Year's Resolutions

When I think about resolutions, I usually only make very goal-oriented ones that I know I basically have to keep. You know, like pay my car payments on time {YES!}, (now) pay my mortage on time {YES!}, etc. This year I am really going to try and challenge myself with some real resolutions I have to keep.
Going to the gym at least twice a week, stopped after {ok, probably before} the wedding
get married (yay!!), DID it! Best day ever!
stop worrying so much (those of you who are close to me know this one will be hard to keep!), Hmm, this is day by day. Some days I did, some days I didn't...
and find a place where Brian and I can volunteer or make a difference often. Whoops! I think this is on this year's list! Didn't make the goal :(

On the last one, we've been trying to find somewhere we can fit but it hasn't come yet. Our minister encouraged us (as well as the book we're doing - Love & Respect) to find more activities and volunteer opportunities we can do together now that we're going to be a family. I can't wait.
What are your new year resolutions?

*Posted in the RED are as of 12/31/10

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