Saturday, February 20

Personal Touches ~ Thanks Playtex!

My sister found these awesome sippy bottles that are too perfect for your little one. The inside of the cup comes with blank paper and a coloring sheet for your child to decorate himself. I decided to take a regular size sheet of scrapbook paper, run it through the printer, and viola! I have super cute bottles for our nephews to carry around the day of our wedding (what cute photos, huh?!) and use again!
Colby's says "My aunt is the Bride" and Hayden's says "My uncle is the Groom". I kept it with the paisley theme but used blue instead of pink and green so their mommies would let them use it more often! haha

Directions on getting the cute bottles:
Go to
In the search box, type in "playtex create your own"
The bottles should pop up. The only thing is that you can't pick your bottle top color, but I've ordered a few of these and they all seem to have been unisex colors.

If you look around on the site, they also have cute plates that you can create as well.
Another good idea, is find fabric, cut it to the matching size, and take it to get monogrammed with the baby's name or initials!


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