Sunday, March 7

Bachelorette Party!

WooHoo! I've been waiting to have one of these for a long time! I've enjoyed all my friend's parties so much, and I was lucky enough to have 3 friends offer to throw me one!
We started with a Cocktail Party at Keene Run. It was so fabulous! Complete with Pop-Rock Martini's (couldn't get any better!!), lingerie cookies, and cheesecake bites! Yum!

There was also some very fun nighties and lingerie given that I will not be posting pictures of!! Can't wait to wear those on the Honeymoon!

Next the girls dolled me up to look like a bride-to-be with a penis ring, penis straw, vail, and sash. Please tell me why bachelorette parties always equal penis straws?! Too funny!! We ate at a super yummy restaurant in Lexington, DeSha's, and then went dancing at Baker's 360. Apparently I was quite excited with myself for singing and dancing like Beyonce to Single Ladies! My absolute fav song is almost untrue for me! :)

Thanks to all my fun and fabulous friends who came and a super big thank you to Allison, Jordan, and Kelli for planning the most amazing night ever!

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