Sunday, March 7

Fun and Easy Craft!

Getting crafty once again! And no, it wasn't for the wedding! I decided on Saturday I was a little over doing things for the wedding (only 3 weeks away now!) so I went out and bought a few items from Hobby Lobby (LOVE that store!) and 2 1/2 hours later I have a UK wreath!

Super easy to make ~
*1 plain wreath - about $4
*A couple of spools of ribbons (remember different textures and designs are in right now!) - about $1.99 each, I used 3 different kinds buying 2-3 spools of each
*wooden letters - $0.97
*paint for the letters - about $2.99 if you don't already have it

Then just start with one style of ribbon. Tie bows equals spaces apart around the wreath, add another color, so on. Then fill in the holes! Add the letters with hot glue.
Super easy! Tell me about your wreaths or if you made this!

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