Monday, May 3

1 Room Complete!

So we don't have a lot of rooms complete yet ~ I'm very picky about what I want. But we now have all 3 bathrooms complete! :)

I am most proud of our master bath. Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but we've tried to create a 'Honeymoon' bathroom. We bought a picture from a local painter in St. Lucia of the beach landscape. It hangs above our towel rack next to the double sinks to remind us of our favorite place.

Then, I took a nod from my sister, and brought back 3 Ziploc bags filled with sand from the St. Lucian beach! I looked like a nut scooping it up, but I am so happy I did it! I placed it in the candle holders my mother-in-law left me from our Rehearsal dinner decorations and placed tea lights in the middle.

We ordered one of our favorite pictures from our handy camera self-timer on the beach. We ordered a 16x20 canvas from Let me tell you~ this website is awesome. You earn a free $30 dollars the first time you order from there. They were quick and efficient. We love our canvas so much we are probably going to order more from them!

In the bottom corner we have 2 bubble baths and a super cute bride and groom ducky from my MIL!

Although the picture doesn't do the room justice (sorry, this is what you get from a BlackBerry pic) but it looks so amazing! Can't wait for friends to see it this summer!

And do we use our big, yes!

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