Saturday, May 1

So it's been a Month...

And what a WONDERFUL month is has been! In honor of this, I'm finally going to post some Honeymoon pics and make a few Top Ten lists. :)

Top Ten favorite things about being married right now (in no particular order):
1. Going to bed together
2. Waking up together
3. Knowing I'm going to see my husband every day
4. Seemingly unable to get this silly smile off my face
5. Having the 'married feeling' while we talk, hang out, etc.
6. Being so much more comfortable (from B)
7. Feeling like it's ok to come home on a Saturday night at 8:00 and get in our PJ's to just hang out (from B)
8. Becoming my own new family with the two of us
9. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings and fixing breakfast together
*10.* Sleeping together for the first time in our bedroom when we got home from our Honeymoon ~ my favorite moment!

Top Ten List from our Honeymoon (in no particular order):
1. All Inclusive ~ enough said
2. NO PHONE or INTERNET ~ just the 2 of us :)
3. Sunsets on the beach
4. Candlelight Couples Massage (from B)
5. Sunset Cruise/Booze Cruise (from B)
6. tan lines
7. BBC's (from B)
8. Pizza for lunch everyday!!
9. Caribbean Sea views from every corner
10. Kayaking in the Sea
11. Snorkeling in the Sea
12. Being on our High from just making the best commitment ever
13. New Bikinis
14. The Obvious... :)
15. Swim-Up Bar
Whoops, did I say only Top Ten?

Kisses at Sunset

Party Pool

Dinner every night ordering appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, desserts, and lots of drinks!

St. Lucian waterfall

Catamaran Booze Cruise

On-Site Paparazzi! Too bad each picture was $10...

Swim-Up Pool Bar


Can you read my butt?! It says "I Do" with rhinestones and a diamond ring. I'd rather not zoom in on that part of my body for you to see better... :)

Needless to say, we think St. Lucia ~ Sandals, was the absolute best place for a Honeymoon or vacation! Perfect weather everyday, perfect beach, sand, water... I could keep going on for days. I've finally come to realize, we may never have another vacation like that one. The high that we felt right after the wedding is one that I'll always remember, but the high we both have now that we're home and settling down as our own little family in our new house is also amazing!

Here's to learning more about one another and this marriage thing!

And of course, having a husband who wants to celebrate our First Month Married is always a plus!!

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