Sunday, May 16

Damask Wreath

So I'm not in love with this wreath, but it's better than I had up on my door...
I tried to not do the whole 'bow wreath' thing since I've done that already several times. I chose a damask ribbon to perectly match my bench on the front porch and "B" flag in the mulch in front of the house. I wanted to keep it classy with a black color, but needed a little more ~ so I added a lime green ribbon to the back.

Although you could totally figure out how to make this {not so great} wreath here are the very simple directions:
1 wreath around $3.99
2 spools of ribbon around $3.99 each (50% off at Hobby Lobby)
black paint
letter B (or your letter)
fray check
hot glue gun (do not ever expect me to produce a craft without this!)

I just started by wrapping the green ribbon around the edges, followed by the damask ribbon. Then I hot glued the edges of the ribbon together to stay and hot glued the back of the ribbons to the back on the wreath. Next I painted the B black from the wood color and hot glued it as well. Lastly, I took the extra length of the ribbons and tied each into a bow around a wooded piece of the wreath. I hot glued the ribbon lengths to different pieces of the wreath to make sure it held the 3-D look of the bow and so it would withstand the weather!
Viola! Finished!

{don't look at the not cute doormat!}


  1. Megan, I promise I won't leave a comment every time, but I do enjoy the crafts, seeing your home, and following (maybe too closely?) you're new life. I'll always remember you are now a grown up! Anyway, I love the B wreath....I may need to come to your first garage sale (in a year when you are tired of things!)

  2. aww Debbie, you are too sweet! :)

  3. yaye megan! It looks fab


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