Friday, May 14

I wanna be a stay-at-home Mom...

Without the kids. :)
Isn't it crazy that I haven't even been married for 2 months and yet all I hear now is "When are you planning on having kids?". I mean really? Married couples told me it would happen. I was even ready for it. But really? Ask me how life is. Ask me how marriage is. Just ask me something other than that!
I've learned in the last few years that it isn't even proper etiquette to ask someone that dreaded question. People don't want to tell. Maybe they don't know. And maybe they can't. You just never know!
Plus, I feel like I am a pseudo-mother 5 days out of the week~to my students! I was just telling Mom the other day, these kids wear me out! I can't imagine being their day-time Mom and then having to come home and be a real-time Mom!

At some points I feel like I have zero patience left, no smiles left, and too tired to speak ~ and then kids do what they do the best...give you a sweet note or a whisper to tell you how much they love you, and then it all goes away.

I guess that's how you do it.

I found a note in my bag when I was leaving today. 2 boys and 1 girl made a book. There were 6 pages and each had a one word reason of why I was their favorite or why they loved me. Darn kids. :)

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