Tuesday, May 11

A Little Wedding Favorite!

As everyone told me I would be; I'm actually a little sad to not be planning my wedding! Luckily, two of my friends are in the midst of planning theirs so maybe I can get my fix from them! :)

Here's one of my favorite 'crafts' I did for my wedding! It is so so so easy and seriously 1/4 of the cost of what a florist would charge.

The floral B hung on the outside of my church doors. I love all things monogrammed and definitely wanted to share this part in my wedding day. Programs were monogrammed, the unity candle was monogrammed, my shoes were even 'monogrammed' with I Do and our wedding date. So of course, I needed to set the stage to the wedding by the door hanger.

1. I bought a large rectangular size green foam from Hobby Lobby (around $6.99)
2. Next, my wonderful friend Katharine helped me cut out a large B. We started with drawing it with a pen, then using an exacto knife, ending with a kitchen steak knife!
3. Next I bought 3 1/2 bags of green reindeer moss from Hobby Lobby. Each bag was around $1.99 ~ so cheap and they have 40% off coupons every day on their website.
4. I used my hot glue gun and glued the moss on the outside of the B and the inner curves.
5. Next, I used floral pins to hold in the ribbon (any color would work - about .99 per spool) on the back.
6. Lastly, my amazingly talented friend, Katharine, took some left over fabric from our table runners (yes, I made those as well!) and made a 3-D flower to stick in the corner of the B to get it a little more color.
This was such a cheap and easy project! I will warn you ~ it take a lot of patience to glue on the moss!!

{cheapest thing EVER! regular old candle with a B decal bought from a specialty store...now its in my living room and reminds us of our families daily!}

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