Sunday, May 9

Momma Said

Isn't it funny that the older you get the more and more you find yourself saying, "My mom was right...". Well, I just found myself saying this to my students this past week. I can't even remember what the little girls were talking about but I all of a sudden found myself in the middle of about 5 ten year olds saying, "Well girls, your mom really is right. Believe me, I know." Then I just started laughing - thinking about all the many things in my life my mother was so right about but I had to take the time to learn it on my own before I would trust it.

Mom always said I was too much alike her, making it a bumpy road along the way. Although my Nanny passed away many moons ago now, she and I always had a special bond. Anytime my stubbornness would flare up she would always be there to tell me to listen to my mom and try to see that she knew what she was talking about. My Nanny passed away way too young in my life to really let me live and learn in becoming an adult and I so wish she was around to see how my life has turned out. But it's funny, because whenever my Mom and I seem to butt heads, I hear her voice telling me, Just listen.

So I think it's safe to say my Mom and I were a bit nervous when we started out to plan my wedding. I have very distinct opinions about some things, but when I don't have an opinion, I really don't and want someone else to decide. My Mom is kind of the same way. She has very strong opinions about certain things and usually always has a reasoning behind it.

Well, I've made a list below of my 'Mamma Said' items that turns out ~ she's right. Mommas really do know what they are talking about!
1. Putting my silverware close to the dishwasher. She told me I had to do that because it would be so much easier. I just thought 'who cares where the silverware goes'. Turns out, she was right. It's in a much better spot than where I would have put it.
2. Hostess Gifts. Mom usually always had/has small tokens of appreciation to give others when they throw parties. I thought it was silly or a waste of money. Now that my friends and I have homes, I appreciate the thoughtfulness hostess gifts show others in welcoming someone into their home.
3. Moving in after marriage. Now, I'm not here to judge, nor do I care too much about what other people decide - but I knew I wasn't going to live with B before we got married. Mom let me move back into their home for about 4 months. She was right. It was great. Although I complained a lot {sorry} I look back on that time and wish I could have slowed down my wanting to live in B and I's home. It was so fun to sleep in our home together for the first time the night we got back from St. Lucia.
4. Serving Dishes. This sounds so funny, but I registered for a lot of dishes to put food in after I'd already cooked it. Apartment living for 4+ years didn't exactly prepare me for ever wanting to dirty up more dishes to just serve food in a nicer way. Well, she was right, I always serve dinner in my nice servers. And I don't even care I dirty up more dishes. :)
5. Loving God even when I'm really mad at Him. Sounds weird, right? I've been mad, like really mad, at God. Mom said to just keep talking and keep asking Him. I did. I got over it. I learned why. And I love Him more for it.
6. Loving our family. I've learned through the years our family is close. I thought everyone was like us. But I've learned that's not true. She's kept our family close. We see each other every Sunday and my husband even appreciates the weekly time we spend together {so lucky, right?}. She loves Dad in front of us and I've learned by watching them how to appreciate my husband.

I could keep going ~ but I'm not super mushy like this, so I'll stop while I'm ahead.
I love you Mom. {...and I wonder if you're even keeping up with this blog to read it, HAHA}

What's a lesson learned from your Mom?

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  1. Well, I am keeping up and now crying. Your nanny loved you and Kelli more than life. She would be super proud of the woman, teacher, wife, daughter, friend that you are. Your mom is reading your blog...she told me about it. I will make sure she sees this one:) What a nice gift to her.


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