Saturday, June 26

Children's Charity Golf Weekend

I love it when B plays in this tournament each summer. It's a lot better than all the other golf tournaments because we get to do fun things at night TOGETHER!
It's also for a great cause, to raise money for different children's charities around Lexington and the Bluegrass area. So teams are put together by businesses and then they get to bid on celebrities to play with as well.

The weekend started on Thursday night where we had a super fun Cabaret to attend. We {ok, probably just me} love getting a reason to dress up!

{I recently found out my friends thought it was weird we take self-timer pics. I mean, how else are we going to get our photo taken?!}

We had live entertainment that included a band, a few comedians, and this super talented 16 year old. Watch what he could do with a guitar! I taped him because I am convinced he will be famous one day.
On Friday B started his golf tournament.
His celebrity was Matthew Lawrence or Mel Silver from 90210. Remember, David Silver's dad who cheated on Kelly's mom??? He actually told us that night that people come up to him ALL THE TIME still and ask him why he did that. WOW, just a show people. But I was pumped to meet him since I have wasted MANY hours watching the reruns on the original {I wasn't allowed to watch it when it came on TV when I was younger}.

Brian's team WON the first day of the tournament - WOO HOO! He got some bag swag for his prize.

{us the second night with him}

The second night was the bid party. Every team tried to outbid the other to be able to pick their celebrity first.

B's team chose Anthony Munoz who played for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Although his team didn't win the second day, they did come in 4th. Pretty good considering he had clients playing with him this day.

The rest of the weekend was fun with all their events.

How was your weekend??!

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  1. Love the golf post and photos are fantastic. You and B make a stunning couple. I'm not asking, but just saying...your kids will look great!


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